What happened to the "New World Order"?

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  • stuckinarut2

    So as a child and youth growing up as a witness, (I'm 43 now) we often heard the expression "New World Order".

    The society just doesnt use that expression anymore. So what was the reasoning behind them amending that expression?

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    The term NWO is now commonly used by nutcase conspiracy theorists who believe worldwide governments are controlled by hidden behind the scenes powers (Illuminati etc).

    JW firmly believe almost the same, but in their mind the behind the scenes power is Satan, not the Illuminati.

    Of course JW want to distance themselves from such insane nutcrackery as believing in Illuminati. (Lol)

    So they no longer use the term NWO, lest anyone be confused about the specifics of the conspiracy and think JW are nutcrackers too.

    They do a similar thing when it comes to creationism. They know denying scientific facts is silly, therefore they try hard to distance themselves from 'creationism', conveniently omitting that they are very much creationists themselves too. In reality the difference between Young Earth Creationism and Young Humans Creationism is moot, but JW blow it up as big as possible.

    JW just know people think they're crazy, and try to limit being identified with other crazies.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great reply Anders.

    Yes, I too have heard the expression used by conspiracy nuts nowdays...so I find it funny that JWs used to use the term so often!

  • Xanthippe

    New World was a company that made gas stoves back in the seventies, maybe still do. Too hot to handle? The company complained to trading standards?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy


    Come in Sit down Pull up a chair Speak the truth when you tell me your cares;

    Don't be afraid to talk to your brother Get a hold of yourself an' dry up your tears

    We'll start at the start And end at the end You'll find that your mind might possibly mend

    I'm sure I can help you 'cos you can't help yourself Have you fallen in love again

    Have you fallen in love again ?

    Sister Jane You've gone and changed your name You gotta get out soon

    Before you go insane Before the town starts talkin' And they see you out walkin'

    It sure does seem a shame Yes It sure does seem a shame Sister Jane

    You've gone and changed your name And I suggest you catch The twelve forty five 'plane

    Before the fam'ly finds out Just what you've done And holds you at the point of a gun

    And that ain't gonna be much fun Sister Jane

    We'll talk of the future We'll talk of the past The odds were against you it never could last

    You can't think opinions will change overnight When you know what you've done just ain't right

    You don't mean to tell me you've finally done it You played at the game and you thought you had won it

    And now that you find that you're way out of line Well Some people call it a crime,

    Yeah you really have done it this time

    Sister Jane You've gone and changed your name You gotta get out soon... Sister Jane

    You told me the truth You opened your mind Said I would listen And help you unwind

    My dear Sister Jane you've caused nothing but pain And I really must tell you this time

    I knew all along you had to go wrong In this kind of town you could never belong

    I'm sorry for you And I'm sorry for me This is the way it should end 'cos you've fallen in love again

  • Diogenesister
    Anders JW just know people think they're crazy, and try to limit being identified with other crazies.

    So....as in all things JW simply have to have their own kind of crazy!!!

    Can't have association with any other kind of crazy :-\

  • Diogenesister

    I find that It's a quite scary term, personally, and it conjours up lots of images of violence and intimidation. I never liked it so I don't know if I suppressed the memory of it in my mind but I don't remember them using it overly much (UK).

  • Lostandfound

    Way back in early 60s, circuit assemblies used the phrase “New World Society in Action” on signs around the assembly venue. I saw some then that read “Jehovah’s Witnesses, The New World Society”

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    These are the latest published references to the org's NWO which I could find on the CD ROM.

    w66 12/1 p. 730 - and the dawning of a righteous new day in which a new world order under the peaceful kingdom of Christ will be ushered in to rule everlastingly.

    g73 10/8 p. 22 - Yet there will be survivors of that collision, and these will take up life in a new world order.

  • waton
    The company complained to trading standards? Xh

    Trademarks are specific to a given field of commerce., and classifying stoves and religions that both basically produce hot air is a stretch, would not fly with the Patent and Trademark Office.

    NW order as an idea might be back in vogue, now that they seem to back-paddle on snow - free waterfront properties for every one, all 90 billion of them.

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