Ask a Brother, Tell a Sister

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  • Tapioca

    I have been faded for years and years. No one cares about my standing in the Christian congregation any more. So one day, my husband came up with this WON-DER-FUL idea for a JDub button. Yep, you guessed it! "Ask a Brother, Tell a Sister!" Sheer genius.

    I thought of it again today when I noticed the pictures of old white men as leadership. I was looking through the post about upcoming tours at SeaOrg, I mean Watchtower HQ.

    Thanks to so many for so much support over the past few years. And I'm pleased to report that I've worked at helping others help themselves effect their own exit--so much more satisfying that going door-to-door, eh?!

  • smiddy

    I can believe your sentiment that it is so much more satisfying helping others help themselves effect their own exit from the Borg. Well done .

    I know I`m a bit dense at times but the JDub button ? does it mean.... brothers have all the answers so ask them ,sisters dont know s#@*t so you have to tell them what to do .

    OK I think I have worked it out.

    It sounds like you and hubby are in a good place mentally/spiritually

    Take care.

  • Divergent

    I don't get it

  • Bobcat

    I thought about a button that says something quite simple: Jesus Saves - 1 Tim 1:15.

    I wonder how long it would be before the elders asked me not to wear it anymore due to being too controversial?

  • slimboyfat

    Apparently button means badge in American, beyond that this thread is still a mystery.

  • Tapioca

    Sorry for confusion! Yes, SBF, it's a badge or something like a political message or electioneering slogan. Hubby and I think it is funny that the old male white borg would approach a man (follower/leader, doesn't matter) differently than a woman. After living in that cult for many, many years, I feel strong for being able to poke fun at their obvious prejudice.

    So the punch line is that appealing to a male of the species takes more energy (requires thoughtful consideration) than appealing to a female of the species. She can just be told what to do. There. Everything fine. Smiddy has it. The boys have all the answers and the girls have s#@*t.

    BCat, I never thought about wearing my imaginary button; however, you bring up a good point. I don't go to KH anymore but yes I wonder how long it would take and who would approach you to remove a "controversial" scriptural reminder!

    Again, thanks all!

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