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  • bigboi

    If it were the other way around the dude would of been on death row right now. I saw the video clips, she ran him over at a considerable speed doin tight circles. She should be under the jail.

  • Buster

    My first mother-in-law was put away for having my first father-in-law executed. (Puerto Ricans reading this will likely recognize the story) Cold-hearted witch paid a couple thugs to beat him, throw him in the trunk of his Mercedes (a car I was driving just a few weeks earlier) and torch the car. She was sentenced to something like 150+ years. They let her out after 12or 13 years or so, on humanitarian grounds.

    Justuce? You can't bring 'em back to life. But I wouldn't miss the murderesses is they stayed on the other side fo the bars for the rest of their time here on earth.

  • gumby

    The fact is...people who would never concieve of killing anyone, are sweeter than pie........can involuntarily turn into a monster that isn't really them.

    The human emotion can overide any reasoning a person has.(see apostates who have lost it from hurt )

    What she did was awful....but.......was it her at the time? Would it be just to lock behind bars a person whose heart was broke and they lost it? I realize this reasoning could open up other types of cases which would contradict what I said. I suppose a jury who can consider the circumstances is the only decent way to handle it.


  • ronin1

    Plain and simple: she lost it. After obviously a long period of time dealing with his infidelity, she saw him with his girlfriend/lover and lost her reasoning and just killed him. Should she have done that? No. She should have cleaned him out financially with a divorce.

    My husband and I were discussing this just this morning and he said would I do that to him if he committed adultery. I told him I would not waste my time or energies giving up my freedom and going to jail for him. I told him if he wanted to do that, just "knock" himself out and go ahead. Of course, I said, I would leave you in a second because any mate who does that deliberately doesn't not deserve me and I would not stand for anyone to disrespect me like that.

    Bottom line: I like my freedom too--------much to go to jail for any man.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Ronin1, OK, OK, where are hiding the gun? I guess when it really happens we gotta be on guard of not losing it. Your right though, why throw everything away.

    Guest 77

  • ronin1

    Hi Guest77:

    No guns, clubs, weapons, etc.

    I am only 45 years old. I have too much living to do.

    Like I said, I like my freedom too-----------much to through it away for any man. Where's there's one man, there's another.

    Now that doesn't mean that I do not love my husband, I do. But I look at things differently. I was a single parent for 15 years and took care of myself. I will not die or lose it if I am alone again. So if my husband or any man does not love me enough to be faithful, so be it.

    I will survive.


  • footprints

    If he didn't want her anymore why didn't her scumbag husband have balls enough to divorce her before he started with a new one. I say dig the bastard up and run over him again.

    If he didn't want her anymore why didn't her scumbag husband have balls enough to divorce her before he started with a new one. I say dig the bastard up and run over him again.

    Now don't be shy, Footprints, tell us how you really feel! LOL

    You're right! It appears this dude was indeed a scumbag! But, is that a crime deserving of capital punishment? Can you imagine what it would mean if every man and woman, who was cheated on by their scumbag significant other, decided to run them over?! Hell, the body and paint industry wouldn't be able to keep up!

    But ultimately, IMHO, both these folks simply reaped what they had sown. And I'm not trying to imply any kind of divine retribution here. I simply believe that when anyone knowingly pursues a course which has a clear and distinct potential for disaster - as both of these people did - I don't think they should be too suprised when they arrive at it's disastrous end. It's just a shame they took so many casualties with them!

  • JustUs

    The way I see it...he should have known better. She told him when she married him there were bound to be a few "bumps" in the road of their journey through life!

    This trail is soon to be a made for TV movie called "Forrest Speed Bump"

    (humor borrowed from Jay Leno)

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