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    A dentist from Houston, Clara Harris, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to twenty years yesterday, for running over her husband with her Mercedes and killing him, in a fit of rage, after confronting him and his girlfriend in a local Hotel. Now Mrs. Harris already knew about her husband's infidelity with the other woman, had even discussed with her husband how the two of them compared, and was apparently still trying to salvage their marriage. But after the confrontation inside the hotel, she lost it and ultimately ran him over multiple times with her automobile, killing him. So what do you think? Did she get a just sentence?

  • ashitaka

    Hell yeah. Her scumbag husband deserved to get his bank account drained, not have his skull drained.

    She got revenge, put and simple. Put her away.

    The person who I really feel sorry for is the daughter. A real shame.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Many moons ago, a neighbor that I grew up with, was blasted away by his wife. He was forever cheating on her. She lost it and blew him away. She got away scott free. If this man had divorced his wife or left her, he may be still be around. I watched the trail on Court TV. We all have to pay the price for our conduct. I would have given her lighter sentence. Ultimately, she has to reckon with her maker.

    Guest 77

  • freedom96

    It could have been much worse for Clara. The jury did find that she acted in a fit of rage, which reduced her jail time immensely.

    The problem however, is that she had told her step daughter in the past, that she could kill her husband and get away with it.

  • WildHorses

    If you think about it, twenty years is not all that much considering they normally cut that in half and you end up actually serving about a third of that. She will be out in three to five years.

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  • Mary

    If the daughter had not been in the car, and if they hadn't have gotten it on video tape, she probably would have gotten away with about 10 years, eligible for parole in 3 or 4 years. These two factors played a big part in the jury's decision I think. This is eerily like the Betty Broderick case, where she ended up murdering her ex-husband and his new wife. Any woman that does that is obviously off the wall. Lots of husbands have affairs and get divorced; that doesn't mean you have the right to kill them. The logic these fatal-attraction type people have is: if I can't have you, no one else can either.

    Yes it was wrong for her husband to have an affair. But she would've been far better off taking him to the cleaners in divorce court, than what she did. Now she still doesn't have him, but she doesn't have any freedom either. Was it worth it?

    She will be out in three to five years.

    The way the law works here in Texas, she'll have to serve a minimum of ten years before she's eligible for parole. But still, that's not much, considering she was convicted of murder. And that's especially true, give the posture of the criminal justice system in Texas towards murderers.

  • DblOSmith

    From the home state of Enron and GWB and other natural disasters, we give you... Clara Harris. *raise teh roof*

    ...but um... Yeah, she deserved it. a minimum of 10 years will probably put her rage, money, "class" and everything back in place. I hope the jailhouse girls give her a very... very warm "welcome".


    The woman ran over her husband three times!! With his daughter in the car!..Her defense is "I was having a bad day and just lost it".?????..She got less than she deserved...OUTLAW

  • cruzanheart

    Her husband was a real scumbag and I could have understood if she hit him once with her car. However, her whole argument falls apart when she kept backing up and hitting him again and again. Additionally the man's daughter was in the seat next to her screaming at her to stop. Frankly if I were on the jury I would have voted for life. She's very lucky she didn't get a much longer sentence.

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