What about the United Nations?

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  • Luthien39

    Hi Folks,

    What do you think about the future of the United Nations?

    It seems that the Watchtower Org. again has failed to be fulfilled a prophecy about the UN.

    After all, for many years they predict the UN be going to attack all world religions, and as last one the Org.? (Gods apple of ones eye)

    Its leap to the eye that over the last years the Org the fewer.. the fewer has paid attention to this marvelous Light that in many books and magazins has been written.

    Now it looks like that the UN itself is be pessimistic about continue to exist.

    Again a false prophecy from they whom proudly present themselves as Gods chosen ones?

    Greets from Jacob The Netherlands

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Oh, the sleeping giant? Never under estimate such an organization. You need to back track and learn about their predecessor, the League of Nations. Henry Cabot Lodge Sr. was influential for the U.S. not accepting the League, much to the chagrin of Pres. Wilson. The behind the scenes group, CFR, Council of Foreign Relations (unknown to the public at the time) had future plans and that was the setting up of an updated version of the league, the United Nations. They made it appealing by letting the American public THINK that the UN was their baby when in truth it isn't. So, don't under estimate the UN. The final scenes of world events have not been fully played out. All this propaganda being spewed out by the media making you think that the UN is ineffectual, is all part of the plot. When you lest expect this giant to arise, it will arise. We are living under a different set of circumstances than the days of such men as Henry Cabot Lodge Sr.

    Guest 77

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Welcome Luthien39!!

    Can you believe I keep waiting for that prediction to be fulfilled?

    I have not been out long and have old habits and expectations.

    Once while I was preaching (back when I was in good standing) a man told me Gods people were all those who came out of the ORGANIZED RELIGIONS.

    He gave my WT predictions such as the one you mentioned and applied them to Christians who were free and out of Organized Religions.

    These Christians who were living without man made rules would be the envy of all and would be last attacked by The UN and The Governments that followed them.

    I really wish I knew the scriptures he used to get his conclusions.

    Because right about now he makes sense.

    This man said Organizations, Idols, etc stood in the way of God, gods Son, and man.

    He said those who could connect with the Creator and His Son without any go betweens would be the foundation of The Body Of Christs Church.

    Now where to find what he taught was in the bible I would not know as I had tract in hand ready to place!


    Anyone know about these teachings let me know!

    Once again Welcome to the board!!!

    Gotta Luvz Ya Peoplez,


  • avengers
    Greets from Jacob The Netherlands

    Hello Luthien39. I see you're from the Netherlands. What part? As for me I'm from Emmen; capital of the JW's.

    Bethel is right around the "corner"

    BTW. This past week Bethel here had a problem with their sewer. So they got several brothers and sisters to dig it up. My daughter and son in law helped out. They traveled 100 km, took a whole week off to help the "brothers". Actually I didn't mind because they came over to my house almost every evening. So that was nice, except the fact that they give away free labor to the borg while they're having hard financial times. Anyway.

    The whole sewer was backed up all the way to the building. They were actully literally in deep shit. It took 4 days with a shovel to dig up the sewer and when they finally found the problem the sewer burst and the bro's standing in the ditch got the whole load of shit on top of them. These poor guys were standing to their knees in the shit.

    Why couldn't they hire a professional company, instead of using brothers and sisters who have better things to do, like going from house to house. A whole week of digging by hand. You'd think the Watchtower is broke..

    Terrible. booh. booh

    Just venting. Andy.

  • Luthien39

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your reply,

    Im from Maastricht Limburg!

    I was a brother in good standing for almost 30 years. Last year I withdraw myself from the Borg. Them cold-heartedly haughtiness make it easely for me to make this decision.

    Yes, I know the idiocy they have to save up there money to appeal the Bross and Sisters!

    I refer to the building of the Kingdom Hall in Maastricht many years ago.

    The type of soil in Limburg exist out of clay and great rocks flintstone. 50 brothers and sisters have dredged with a spade for over a month or so to come to a depth of one mtr. Next came the decission from the P.O. to rent a shovel, and miracle, within 4 hours we have reach a dept of 2 mtrs. neseccary to build on the foundation.

    You see Andy, JW are always in big shit, about there speculations and about there buildings.

    It was foreseeable that the shit from Emmen blocked the sewer. Maybe is this the beginning of the great tribulation!! Who knows???


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Your right on avengers. Yeah, will the borg help your daughter and son-in -law? I guess you know the answer. Not venting, it's a fact.

    Guest 77

  • avengers

    Hey Jacob. I wrote a letter to Emmen about the U.N. in Dutch. I put the Dutch version on line, and also translated it in English. You can see it here

    And here is the answer.

    PS. I was baptized on Aug 15, 1969 at the 8 day International Assembly in Nurnberg Germany. I definitely quit the borg in 1999. 30years. (sigh)

    as I see I'm not the only one.

  • Realist

    the UN was always a US puppet and tool to disguise US foreign politics...but now the US is about to destroy its own creation. if the US indeed attacks iraq without UN mandate against the opposition of 3 security council members than the days for the UN are over. no other nation will abide to the rules anymore.

    hence the WT was like always wrong. one can really use the WT as a prophet as long as one always believes in the oppostie of what they teach.

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  • sf

    Good mornin' Guest77 ,

    "All this propaganda being spewed out by the media making you think that the UN is ineffectual, is all part of the plot. When you lest expect this giant to arise, it will arise. We are living under a different set of circumstances than the days of such men as Henry Cabot Lodge Sr."


    Now THAT'S Entertainment!

    Say, when ya get a moment, take a peek at these hits; some of which contain some tidbets perhaps not seen before:


    Then hop here:


    [DOC] Imam Jazuli's full name is Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Suleiman Ibn ...
    File Format: Microsoft Word 2000 - View as HTML
    ... The one named Natheer (the warner), may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon ... The
    one named Salih (the righteous), may the peace and blessings of Allah be ...
    www16.brinkster.com/nomi55/dalail.doc - Similar pages

    Allah= 'Jehovah'?????

    This 'bodyguard' is STILL at Bethel, it seems; at least in 2000 he was:

    ... Cyril Chain Gene Smalley Eric Beveridge Joe Eames Bob Pevy David Iannelli Lee Waters
    Manfred Vancebi Jim Pellechia Danny Black Natheer Salih George Aljian ...
    www.freeminds.org/bethel/writing_dept.htm - 3k - Cached - Similar pages

    (Randy, any updates on this?)

    Have a great day. Hope you had a great V-Day!

    {{ AVENGERS !! }}


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  • gumby

    I really wish I knew the scriptures he used to get his conclusions.

    Why that would be Revelation 18......".get out of her my people.....unless you want your asses kicked."

    That is a lovely thought this man has......god is going to kill millions of people who are still in Organised religion.......even though they are sincere good people........and he is going to save the elect few who were smart enough to leave the churches! Damn.....where have I heard this reasoning before?

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