I need your expertise.

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  • avengers

    Thanks Link.

    I was just wondering what this was and therefore needed qualified advice. You seem to know what you're talking about and convinced me.


  • Valis

    Commonly called the Nigerian scam..


    Scamming the scammers..



    District Overbeer



    I got that exact same email. I get them at work, as well. I phoned the police to see what they had to say about it. They gave me a fax number to send it, locally. They have a file of such letters, and are investigating how to put a stop to these scams. Apparently, they shut one down such scam and several more start up. I put a block on all such emails, since there was no place to "remove from distribution list" anywhere in the letter. Those are just a nuisance, more than anything else. Ignoring works best, kinda like trolls.

    Whatever you do, don't send money or personal info. . .and this spam/scam won't hurt you.


  • avengers

    I sent her this mail. "After having done the research needed in cases like yours, I have found that the picture on the passport is not the same person posting the e-mails. Local sources in your country have verified this. Therefore I would appreciate it not to contact me anymore ." I got this back from her. "

    Dear Andy, I just received your mail and I haved to say that I am disappointed in you and you whole life is just a big joke.There are instances that you can joke with but not with me.. as I contacted you in confidence and all I have to show for it is somebody telling me i am not who I am....Look you have to be a prayer warrior to survive this plight of mine and what ever or where ever you got your links and information I will like to know so that I can write them too. Thank you and stay blessed. Mary." Ok. What do YOU think? Andy.
  • Abaddon

    It's a scam.

    I get them quite often, and forward them to the relevent authorities and report the mail as Spam... normally after sending them an email where I speculate express my profound wish that they be cheated out of money, have their genetalia fall off, and then die in a gutter as people pass them by.

    Don't get sucked in. These are gangs. They generate, believe if or not, millions of dollars a year on this scam. It make Nigerian friends of mine really angry.

    Don't let the guilt trip work. As has been pointed out, 'her' writing style is very poor for an ex-pat; I work with a few white South Africans and they're actually quite literate (joke).

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