What would you do for money?

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  • whyhideit

    I have seen my fair share of adult movies and I must say, people will do a lot on camera for money. I have seen woman degrade themselves to levels that I can not believe. Nothing is left private and no dignity remains. Yet when they are asked, "why would you do such a thing?" They answer, "for the money, the money is great." Which in some cases is true. On a recent news magazine show they said a high demand porn star can make $10,000 - $30,000 per month, with the top end stars making $50,000 per picture. So they get their fancy car, maybe a nice home and more then not, expensive drugs. Is it worth it though? I have to wonder, will these woman who stared in such high class movies as some of the modern porn's, feel good about themselves in fifty years. Will the highlights of their life be about the wealth or the regret? I know the porn idea is extreme and a lot of other people have done other things for money. Some have posed for Playboy, which is not really extreme at all. Yet you are still exposing yourself to millions of strangers.

    Seriously though, would you do a porn movie or pose naked for a magazine? If yes, how much money would you want? If no, how much money would it take to change your mind?

    They say everyone has a price.

  • shera

    I'd never be in a porn ,having sex with many differnt people.But I would model with clothes in play boy.I would never go totally naked tho.lol (if thats possible?)Only my boobs and you know what are for my man! I'm a prude I guess...hehehehe

  • flower

    for 1 million dollars i'd make 1 porn with someone who was tested, clean, and wearing protection. no kissing, no oral, and i would wear a disguise. a wig and some contacts...and crazy makeup so it wont look like me.

    i dont think i would regret it later either cause it would allow me to give my kid everything he needed.

    those are my terms, movie producers....any offers?

    wait,..did i say 1 million? i meant 10 million. yea, for 10 i'd do it.


  • gumby

    This is totally disgusting but I will tell it.

    My wife and I were walking our dog on a trail and our dog took a dump. I stood there and said to her..."would you eat that for a million dollars"? She said no way and I thought about it for a second and said..." I would". I would actually eat a fresh dog turd for a million bucks.

    I'm a sick bastard aren't I ?


  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    You ARE a sick bastard!!!!

    From one sick bastard to another.

  • whyhideit


    Personally, I would pay the neighbor kid $10 to scoop it all up and throw it in the trash. Yet, if I was loaded I might go around and offer a million dollars to people to do odd things. Just to satisfy some curiosity as to what people will do far large sums of money. You should go on FEAR FACTOR. They do things like what you mentioned.

  • Preston

    Well, from experience (it's true) I did model for an adult web site (hit me up and I'll direct you to my profile). I did not have sex on a web cam, but if anything, I was not ashamed of myself when I did it. The overwhelming majority of my clients were very since and nice to me, and I had no problem showing off my physique in front of a camera. To be fair though, it is a lot of hard work, particularly for a guy. It took a lot out of me (yeah yeah...I know) but now my boyfriend can say that he's dating an adult model. I would think a lot of the former X-JW women here would be proud to admit the same...

  • whyhideit

    Actually, they say a lot of female porn stars come from conservative religious backgrounds. They get into porn as a way of expressing freedom with their body, when they were told to be ashamed of themselves for so many years. What is the site address with your information? (Just Kidding)

    Also, I have heard many times that porn stars say it is a lot of work. At first I would laugh too, but then I thought about the mental aspect of sex. Alone, it is energetic and exciting. In front of tons of people and cameras, I could see some mental problems and fatigue of the mind. Plus, they say it is long days and often angel changes that delay things. It might only be a 10-15 minute section of a movie, but it can take six hours to shot. Comparing that to the average sex time in your private life, and you see why people might say "it is hard work" (No pun intended!).

    I am not so much wondered about just sex on camera, but the extreme porn has taken. Back in the 80's porn was just normal stuff with close ups. Now, they have a heavy focus on getting woman to do EXTREME things that most couples would never even consider. Yet they do it with dozens of men, sometimes at one time. Is the money good enough to degrade yourself like that?

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  • gumby

    Yet, if I was loaded I might go around and offer a million dollars to people to do odd things.

    There was a show on TV called "anything for money". On the show they would offer money in varying degrees to people and set up scenerios of offering them to do weird things for the money.

    The crap people would do was unbelievable.....if the money was good.

    Preston.......I'm afraid to look


  • SixofNine

    I understand the mentality... but on reflection, don't you find it odd that you mention the women doing these degrading things, yet the men are right there with them (in most of the cases you're referring to, I'm assuming). Are the men degraded any less?

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