JW.ORG turning into an evangelical clone

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Luke was not likely a respected physician, and Paul did not write his letter to the Colossians in a dark prison cell.

    New light!

    "We can show love and concern for others even if we don't share their beliefs."

    At school, Aiden was pressured to sign a birthday card for his sick friend, Lucas, but refused. Troubled but resolute, Aiden talked to his father, Grayson, who showed him Scriptures reaffirming his belief that celebrating birthdays is wrong.

    Wanting to do something for his ill friend, Aiden and his parents went to visit him, at home. The hope of living forever in Paradise was presented to Lucas by means of a Watchtower publication.

    Fade to black . . .

  • Pistoff

    Also, the song sucks, IMO.

    Just sayin.

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