JW.ORG turning into an evangelical clone

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  • OneGenTwoGroups

    My hypothesis:

    Splane (the self-proclaimed genius bad-ass of the GB) read through some of the critiques of the evolution books/brochures (finally). His fix: tell the world how we hate quoting out of context, without telling them that we'll be more careful in the future because we fucked up so many times in the past.

    Just like many critical subjects, the GB will layoff the evolution debate from now on. No need to beat a dead horse. None of their followers, nor the people that they may convert in the future give two fucking shits whether evolution is true or false.

  • Done

    Yea, they brag about how many hits and views they get.

    While I was in, one elder gave a part and listed how much traffic was on jw web site.

    After the meeting I asked him if he checked the website site daily, yup. And so are X# of other jws. So that means only x# of public is hitting the web site daily, nothing to brag about in a world of 8 billion people.

    (Sorry, don't remember the exact numbers)

    The part even mentioned "we have ip address from Antarctica viewing the site".

    Sat there thinking it would be fun if I knew how to bounce my IP address, to make it show up from the space station or Mars or the moon and wait to hear that on the next "how far reaching our web site is" talk

  • nowwhat?

    Like I've said before, they have nothing of substance anymore so they have to rely on gimmicks to keep the r&f interested. It has to cost big bucks to produce a video like this. Money that could go to "orphans and widows"

  • truth_b_known

    If I were to making a recording of that song, jump in a time machine, and give that recording to my teenage self to play am pretty sure my JW parents would make be burn after scorning me for trying to bring demons into our house by playing gospel music.

  • deegee
    When we take time to reflect on the beauties of creation, it becomes clear that there is a higher intelligence who made all these things. [email protected] 1:01:17 to 1:01:28

    So then, what do the following examples tell us about God?

    - A hoard of locusts which strips the foliage bare and destroys all of someone's crops?

    - Animals who engage in necrophilia, murder, cannibalism and a myriad of other horrific acts.

    - Creatures like the desert wasp that survive only by laying their eggs inside another creature so that their young are hatched inside the living body of this creature and eat it alive from the inside out?

    - Male sea otters are known to hold otter pups hostage until they are paid a ransom of food by the mother. They are also known to commonly rape baby seals to death, holding their heads underwater. This activity also happens to kill around one tenth of the female otters that they mate with. Even after the seal pup is dead it is not uncommon for otters to continue raping its decaying corpse for up to a week later.

    - Dolphins are some of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom. Their cute looks betray their rapey, murderous nature. Bottle nose dolphins are known to assault porpoises for no reason leaving them for dead. Porpoises do not pose any threat to dolphins and they do not compete for food or territory so this activity is undertaken for nefarious purposes.

    Dolphins frequently kill baby dolphins in order to provoke the mother back into oestrus, a practice which is more common in the animal kingdom than you might think. Male dolphins gang up and then isolate a female, taking turns raping her. If there are no females around, another male becomes the victim.

    - Reports from Antarctic expeditions in the early 20th century on the sexual behaviours of penguins were deemed too extreme for publication. When the information was finally released it showed that penguins frequently engage in necrophilia, sexual coercion, sexual and physical abuse of chicks as well as homosexual and auto-erotic behaviour.

    - Margays are South American ocelots. They mimic the sound of baby monkeys in distress, in order to lure adult monkeys into their clutches.

    - Not to forget our closest cousins, the chimpanzees. Infanticide is commonplace amongst their number. Male chimps who want to drive a female into oestrus will kill her baby and then dismember and eat it in front of her. Female chimps have been observed doing the exact same thing to other females, although their motives are unclear.

    - A tsunami that rips through a town killing thousands of people?

    - Not to mention earthquakes or volcanic eruptions with a resultant death toll?

    - When your body allows a cancer to grow which destroys all of your internal organs?

    - Our biology can host some 30,000 known diseases, and that’s just the known ones?

    - A child born with a mental or physical disorder?

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Who knew Otters were suck dicks!?

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Did anyone watch before the "apostate" part of that last talk?

    At around minute 52, he gives a hypothetical. I think we all missed this because of the clear star of the program being the 2 witness rule justification. But here is the scenario.

    A guy has 2 parents, and his mom dies suddenly. He becomes depressed. During that depression, his brother or sister is disfellowshipped. Now hes REALLY depressed. So what does he do? He turns on his computer and "views inappropriate material".

    Yep, nothing directs someone to pornhub like your mom dying, and your sibling being tossed out of your religion.

    Jesus Christ!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    The next thing you will see is one of the GB out in the woods kneeling next to a big rock crying while praying to god for more money. Lol Still Totally ADD

  • Half a Person
    Half a Person

    21:56 in the video:

    “Quotes need to be verified. We want to go to the first-hand source, the original source for that quote. That’s one thing. And secondly, context matters if you want to quote things properly.”

  • mikeflood

    Years ago should've been 'babylonic'....

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