Not Attending and Judicial Hearings.....

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  • Sirona

    Hi ISP,

    Thanks for bringing this point out. I suspect that there is something of this nature going on in my old congregation with regard to me. They haven't formed a committee, but one elder has asked twice to meet with me. I've been openly shunned by a few of the congregation members and I'm wondering if there is some rumour going around (perhaps that I'm pagan?! LOL).

    Anyway, my plan is as follows. Avoid them - if they choose to DA me then it will not be based on something I've told them. If I can't possibly avoid them (which is unlikely but could happen) then I will threaten legal action should they slander my name.

    For someone still attending the odd meeting this is clearly more difficult. If I was in that position I'd try to "fade" and bite my tongue about my real feelings. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of DA'ing me.


  • lisavegas420

    This may belong in another thread, but how do you know for sure if you were disfellowshipped?

    I was invited to a judicial meeting, but didn't go. And never heard another word from a witness or elder again.

    I just assumed I had been disfellowshipped. And my family has been doing their duty of shunning me as required for almost 20 years. But I never actually was told that I was disfellowlshipped or what to do to regain Jehovah's approval.


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