Jehovah's Witnesses Crimes Against Fellow Jehovah's Witness Victims

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  • Hecce

    I ran a search and it seems that this was not posted before, there are 5 pages of criminal cases involving JWs.

    In the following criminal cases, the WatchTower Society - Jehovah's Witnesses religion served as the spiritual element of the perpetrator's and/or other actor's formative environment, or otherwise served as a major influencer of the perpetrator's and/or other actor's behavior. The following cases are often tragic, and speak for themselves.

  • darkspilver
  • Simon

    Please don't use ALL CAPS for titles - thank you.

    I don't see the point of sites like that - Jehovahs Witnesses are still just people who live real lives in the real world, some screw up like any other group. Sure, it shows they are not all perfect but last time I checked they didn't claim they were.

    What matters more than listing individual cases is what the rate-per-capita is. I would be willing to bet they are on the lower end of the general population spectrum.

    They also have members join and leave all the time and sometimes attract those with various forms of mental illness - how long does someone have to be or not be a JW before a crime they commit "counts"?

  • LongHairGal


    Yeah, you have a point. JWs and other fundamentalist type groups almost certainly have a lower crime rate than the general population. So the public is not in danger violent crime-wise from JWs..Certainly they are not perfect and I'm sure nobody there is dumb enough to claim that now. But, back when I was in they acted like they walked on water and that rare story about the missionaries would have shocked everybody.

    I'm glad I'm not associated now though for a lot of reasons. An unhealthy dynamic of too much togetherness and no boundaries with any group is bound to end disastrously.

  • Hecce

    Well I am using my flawed thinking as a point of reference, it is truth that I was aware that the friends were not perfect but somehow I had a sense of moral superiority about them. I learned a lifetime lesson about my mistake after being burned a few times. In that respect I think that this material will open a few eyes within the active JWs.

  • steve2

    Yes, agreed. At the same time there exists tension between JWs' eagerness to assert they are not perfect and make mistakes (and need understanding) - and their unending criticism of what happens in other religions and the undisguised glee in rubbing in how JWs are "different".

  • Dreamerdude

    Hecce, thanks for sharing the link. The raw data here does help to burst the narcissistic bubble of moral superiority that we were encouraged to develop.

  • deegee
    I don't see the point of sites like that............Sure, it shows they are not all perfect but last time I checked they didn't claim they were.--------Simon

    When I was in I was told just how superior JWs are to the people in the world and that non-JWs are

    bad associationÔ, worldlyÔ people.

    This "us" and "them" mentality was used against me to get me to stop participating in extra-curricular activities.

    The website info is very useful in helping persons to see that JWs are not morally superior as they claim. They are just like the general population in which you find good and bad.

  • deegee

    According to

    For decades, the WatchTower Society has repeatedly portrayed its' Jehovah's Witness members as "the most honest people on earth" -- because Jehovah's Witnesses supposedly are members of "the only true religion". The following state and federal employment related criminal and civil court cases are not intended as evidence that Jehovah's Witnesses are more dishonest than other employees, but rather are intended to demonstrate that Jehovah's Witnesses are just as dishonest, or honest, as are other members of the human population -- whether religious or non-religious.
  • OrphanCrow

    The pages that expose JWs who have exploited fellow JWs in financial scams are invaluable.

    JWs are especially vulnerable to con artists and the JWs have many who will take advantage of those who don't know any better.

    I found this page to be especially interesting:

    The details of Goldfarb's and Prodi's involvement in the pornography industry are revealing.

    And at the end of their escapades...this little item:

    Click this AMICUS CURIE BRIEF link to see who the members of the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate sought out in 1998 to provide them with expert information regarding the intricacies of credit card processing in the Internet Pornography industry. Yes, one of the experts interviewed was a Manager employed at ATS named Scott Lockwood. Google that name along with the keyterms "jehovah's" and "software".

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