Witness to teenagers or not?

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  • Skimmer

    Hello stephenw20:

    I suppose the WTBTS has a right not to want to talk to people on the phone who aren't interesting in "contributing" for literature or for signing up to be another happy drone.

    It would be better to start up a paper correspondence so that both sides can have a mutual written history on the topic. I am working on a letter, but perhaps others who are more skilled in writing can help here. Maybe we should move this discussion to the original thread.

  • stephenw20


    Mustang may enjoy contrbuting to the letter


  • dedalus

    I'm bringing this back to the top because I think the discussion is really interesting. Redhorsewoman and I both registered on this site so we could participate in the discussion -- but the interesting posts are the ones from householders sharing anecdotes about bothersome Witnesses.


    Plus, if you think things get heated here once and a while, you should see some of these posters square off!


  • kimberly

    Wow, Dedalus and Redhorsewoman.

    You're doing so well on the discussion board (I hope that doesn't sound patronising, but I was too coward to "come out" as a Witness even though I have been posting there for about 9 months) - you're both a lot more coherent than I ever would have been able to be. It's probably one of the best places to get the truth about the 'Truth' out there into the public domain.

    And they've really taken to you (that doesn't always happen to newcomers, believe me!)

  • dedalus


    It's actually a terrific DB, and not just because there happens to be JW content in that particular thread. The personalities and topics are really engaging ... I can see why you like it. Thanks for posting the link!


  • RedhorseWoman

    Kim, thanks for posting that thread. I've looked around on that DB a little bit, but I don't have an awful lot of time. Some interesting subjects there, though.

    Several of the people really seem to be interested in finding out what JWs are all about. Dedalus and I are more than willing to let them know (hehehehe)

    You should join in. :)

  • riz

    Dedalus and RHW,

    I have been reading the db that you two have been posting on. I LOVE IT! You two are hilarious. I was reading and i found myself nodding in agreement with you, thinking to myself "Yes! That's exactly how it is!"

    It has to be a great feeling to be able to express to people what life was really like as a jw. For example, like us not really giving it much thought as to how the householder feels while we were at
    their door, they probably had no idea that we (most of us, anyway,) actually hated field service.

    I wish I could go back and apologize to anyone I ever alienated due to me being a witness. I felt like a jackass at the time, it's not what I really wanted to do, but I felt that I had no choice.

    I applaud you two for telling it like it is. And with such humor! I'm looking forward to reading more.


  • mommy

    Thanks for posting the link, that was very interesting to read. I know as a youngster in the org, if we saw a young person at the door the other householder would insist I talk to them. I hated that because most of the time it is really hard to talk to someone your own age about religion. And most of the time the were in school with you, so you kknew when you went back on Monday you would never hear the end of it. Now that I have kids I think I would be irate if someone came and preached to them. As the first poster was, but I may not of handled it like that. heehee

    You guys were great! I just finished reading the thread over there and wanted to congratulate both of you. I was so impressed with your patience, and good nature, and humour. It is funny you both mentioned the dougnuts though. The Jw's may get a rep just like the police now Anyway, I just had to drop in and thank you both for giving such a good witness for the ex-witnesses. I loved it and was kinda proud like a mommy.

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