Witness to teenagers or not?

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  • kimberly


    This is what is being said about the Witnesses on a feminist web site forum. I personally think the first poster was possibly a bit harsh, but then at the same time, maybe the Witness she mentions should have asked for the home owner before going into her presentation.

    I found it really weird reading these posts - sounds really stupid I know, but sometimes you don't always see the householder as a person with their own life - they just become an extension of the building. Because your (I'm) so wrapped up in getting the presentation out, you don't see them as an individual.

  • Moxy

    <extreme non-pc>
    ooo, fighting lesbians - thats a fun board
    </extreme non-pc>



  • stephenw20

    this board would enjoy the DNC list............

  • kimberly

    Sorry, what's the DNC list?????

  • stephenw20

    do not call list....there is an office for it in patterson.if you write them or call , they will not come to your house

    or you can just ask the local congregation to not come by

  • joelbear

    Can we post the number in Patterson to call. I would like to give it to all my friends.



  • Simon

    "Well cover me in honey and throw me to the lesbians !"

    I just always wanted to use that quote...

  • stephenw20

    If you can believe this, the # for the DNC office is not given out.
    It appears there may be a different office for each state.

    I called the Charitable Planning office as it is in the same building.
    Then asked for the DNC office. The girl in Charitable planning, did not know the office was even in the same building. I opted to ask for the operator.

    She directed the call, but would not give out the #.She said it matters which state your in.
    The gentleman on the phone ,at the DNC office, remembered me from last week and was not very amicable about information. I asked if an acknowlegement letter was sent out and he said no. They send a letter to the congregation.

    It might pay to request a carbon copy oof the letter written to the congregation.

    The address to the office is:

    Christian Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses
    2821 Rt 22
    Patterson NY 12563-2237

    the phone # for the
    Charitable Planning office is
    FX 845-306-0709
    They will connect you to the switch board.

  • Skimmer

    Quote: "The gentleman on the phone, at the DNC office, remembered me from last week and was not very amicable about information."

    They see what's coming.

  • stephenw20


    It may be my warmth and uncanny love I show onth phone.

    Perahps someone else should call. Then no excuse can be had.
    I was made to feel, I am not allowed to ask questions......

    I asked if my neighbor wanted to do the same, I might give him the #...he said "no...thats his request not yours."

    So while they have a phone and apparently, evidently, different #'s for each state...... you arent suppose to call.

    I am mystified by this........

    So what do you say skimmer...want to spend 20ยข

    let me know

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