Lumbar Puncture

by azor 14 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • carla
    I'm sorry your child and you are going through this. In my thoughts and wishing a full recovery. carla

    Our thoughts very much with you and your boy !

    My wife is a cancer survivor too.

    Wish I could do something more for you!

  • Sabin
    azor, how are you & your son doing? Big Hug.
  • stuckinarut2
    Sincere love from me.
  • smiddy


    How is your sons health now ? and how are you and your wife coping with all the stress that you must be going through .?

    My wife and I , thoughts are with you hoping for a speedy and successful recovery.

    It is bad enough that adults have to go through so much crap because of the first 2 people having the audacity to disobey GOD ,every living soul man , woman , child , even animals have to suffer for thousands of years later , I dont think the scales of justice quite add up .

    Do J.W.`s seriously look at the millions of children who die every year from disease , malnutrition ,Hunger ,starvation ,? because Jehovah wants to prove a point ? Not just in this Century but for so many Centuries in the past ?

    How does anyone , equate a" God of love" with that indifference to humanity`s suffering.?

    Take care


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