Roy Moore

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  • redvip2000
    My fellow Alabama voters are still behind Roy Moore.

    Well, that's why the parallel with the organization is so appropriate. The folks who are still behind him basically have a cult mentality, except in this case a political cult. I'm pretty sure that if a video surfaced of Roy Moore molesting a young girl, a significant portion of his supporters would still remain unchanged. Humans are great at convincing themselves of something, even if there is evidence of the contrary. And Americans are especially good at that.

  • jws

    He is a member of the party that claims to be for "family values". And his voters claim to believe in "family values".

    WTF voters? Do you have any conviction in your values at all?

  • JakeM2012

    There is a war going on between the parties. Good ol Al Franken has been drug into it with photo proof while the woman slept. I always thought he was gay.

    Oh he wasn't a Senator at the time. So, It's ok. But the Democrats have always been such high moral characters and examples. Bill Clinton was such an example for politicians today.

    I question the timing of the accusations. Roy has been a judge for most of his life. Why do these women come out now days before the election? Whether true or false, I believe it is Politically motivated and organized by someone. Of course I've seen bodies of elders go at each other like this, so its nothing new.

    I wish some men would come out and say they were raped by Frederika Wilson. I think it's time for term limits before the crazy house goes totally insane.

  • waton

    Moore of the right? how about Bill Clinton of the Democrats, and the other left skeletons left in the closed?

    cigars anyone?

  • ducatijoe

    waton , Do you really feel Clinton's actions , although very wrong, were the same as a 32 year old man preying on 14 to 16 year old girls?

    The WTBS has also been covering over such behavior for years. If both Clinton and Moore were baptized JWs at the time of their acts, Clinton could have been DFed, Moore , due to not actually putting his dick in a 14 year old would have been talked to. I have been on many committee's and seen first hand how such situations are handled.

    waton, if you have been on such committee's and experienced different results please state where and when.

  • waton

    ducatijoe: I am actually not aware of the details of the Moore accusations, just thought it was part of the partiality against the conservative movement.

    My active involvement in Judicial elder's bodies never involved cases with minors.

    I would however, draw a line in the sand between attraction, even welcoming of female teens (minors defined to be from 13-18) and actual child rape of boys and girls.

    the passive pedophile might even deserve credit for suppressing an ancient ingrained human tendency, a battle worth winning. see Song. 8:8. and context.

    too old for a ducati.

  • ducatijoe

    waton, Never too old for a Duacti! Monster 620ie is onlt 27" off the ground! Thanks man.

  • waton
    Duacti! Monster 620ie is onlt 27" off the ground!

    Yeah that is better than the BMWs. when you are old, every moment in time becomes more precious, rarer. harder to balance to. Gave up riding after 68 years.

    All these risk takers, thrill seekers ,Clinton, Moore, Rose wished now that they had curbed their instincts earlier too.

  • Alfred

    Moore is innocent.

    How do I know?

    Because Donald Trump says so and he never lies!

  • Simon

    People seem unable to look at things objectively. Everyone is too eager to shout "what about ..." as though a wrong on the other side excuses a wrong by someone on theirs.

    The allegations against Moore are much more serious than those against Franken. The difference is that with Franken we're seeing evidence. There has to be due process and the first thing that has to happen is that people stop being protected and having tax-payer funded payouts for people making claims against politicians. If someone is accused, it should go to court and be decided there.

    Anyone using power and position to obstruct justice or conduct abuses or both (Clintons) should go to jail. There need to be examples set. We need to see big names fall, not just have a temporary setback. The laws much be seen to be consistently applied and applied to all.

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