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  • ducatijoe

    So... After seeing men who abuse children in the Organization, I am out. However this shit is in the "World" too. My fellow Alabama voters are still behind Roy Moore.

    For the first time sense I have been a voter, it is so awesome to feel my vote may matter. FUCK these men who hide behind religion and have their way with young girls or boys. JWs protect them by not reporting them and so do many on the Right.

    DAMM it feels good to be free and know the truth! I voted today for Doug Jones.

    This is Joe Anderson, Willow Creek Cong, X Elder for 21 years. Out and FREE

  • MeanMrMustard

    @Joe: congrats on voting.

  • ducatijoe

    Thank you MeanMrMustard. I know how full of shit Roy Moore is . I was in the same as Roy is doing, deny ,yet when I was an Elder I was Living a double life. Not toward the vices he has , but a life that was totally in contrary to what I was preaching about. (Mine was an Affair) When people found out what a fake I was they were shocked.

    And no one can change until the admit the shit they have been doing.

  • scratchme1010
    However this shit is in the "World" too.

    As much as the WT claims that they aren't part of the world, and as much as they try to set themselves apart, they aren't. Good and bad people are both inside and outside that organization. There's nothing special about the Wt, only in their minds.

    I'm glad that you're voting, and I'm glad that there are decent people in this world who values the morality of the candidates when making a decision.

  • LV101

    How about the LEFT that destroy and denigrate the victims -- too much documented history to only condemn the right. Roy Moore -- sickening! Poor young girls -- poor children. Hard to believe a cult like WT would hurt so many. The law needs to start protecting the innocent.

    Wonder how many other women ole Clinton raped! People are finally speaking out about these losers and they need to pay and go to prison.

    Voting is such a privilege - enjoy!

  • flipper

    Roy Moore is a disgusting , arrogant pig who should have his you know what removed and be strung up on a tree in the inner chambers of congress while the women he abused lash him with rope strung with Bibles that he claims to believe in with pointed stakes sticking out of them. Then throw the jerk into prison where he belongs. He has no right whatsoever to serve in congress. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • smiddy3

    Good for you Joe, we live in the world, so why not have a voice in how we should be governed .

    J.C. has supposed to be be ruling as King and he`s done sweet fuck all these past 103 years and the gullible still put faith in him.

    I like to point out that Rom.13:1-7 identifies that the superior authorities that govern us is an arrangement set up by Jehovah God ,so it is logical we should have a say in who should govern us .

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Joe many years ago when I was first appointed an elder a older elder told me those who are supper righteous and talk about certain sexual sins all the time are guilty of it. I found that to be very true through the years. This guy is a pervert and hearing from voters who are still backing this slime ball I can see men have a lot of evolving yet to take place. Please guys when walking please don't drag your knuckles on the sidewalk. LOL. Still Totally ADD

  • neverendingjourney
    Joe many years ago when I was first appointed an elder a older elder told me those who are supper righteous and talk about certain sexual sins all the time are guilty of it. I found that to be very true through the years.

    When I was 15 I came under the wing of a young, charismatic elder in his early 30s. He was married and had two young children.

    There was a Bible study who apparently had a very jealous husband. No men were allowed to visit when he wasn't home. This elder told me that it was certainly because the husband was a cheater and feared his wife was the same way. "El que debe teme" he told me, which is Spanish roughly for "if you have something to hide, you have something to fear." I thought it was an incredibly wise observation.

    It turns out this elder was cheating on his wife and had first-hand knowledge of the topic. He was discovered a few months later and was disfellowshipped.

    It made me think back and realize that he was incredibly obsessed with sexual matters. He went so far as to state during a talk that two people who aren't married should not dance together (he received a lot of push back on that because there wasn't anything in the literature to support that and it was common in my area for single people to dance during weddings).

    He would often tell me about his past sexual exploits (in great detail) under the guise of helping me understand how much better off he was now as a JW. In short, the guy was a horn dog and couldn't keep it in his pants. And his personal experience colored the view he had of others. He didn't think others could control their impulses either, so he became obsessed with pushing through puritanical measures to control the congregation.

    It's clear as day to me now, but it wasn't back then when I was still a teenager.

  • SonoftheTrinity
    If he gets elected, his fellow Senators should address him as "Senator Manwhore *cough*, sorry, Freudian Slip."

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