What’s The Strangest Belief of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

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  • steve2

    Such a rich source of strange beliefs. I could go with any of the ones mentioned so far - but to go back to the one mentioned in the OP: the 144,000.

    It was Rutherford who "developed" the teaching in the early 1930s that heaven was reserved for no more than 144,000. Prior to his idiosyncratic interpretation of the 144,000 in Revelation, the organization, under Chuck Russell's tutelage, held the conventional view that all Christians had a calling to go to Heaven, either when they died or during the "Rapture".

    Rutherford changed that with the literal stroke of his pen and thus gave birth to the "two classes" of Christian teaching that stamps JWs as a world apart from all other Christian religious cults.

  • waton

    The no blood craze in the 60s? , No transfusions for pets, as if the blood abstinence applied to animals like mosquitos too, searching for blood free hot dogs, wieners, hamburger products.

  • Confusedalot

    YHWH = Jehovah

    They make you aim your prayers at a specific God named Jehovah while they admit the original pronunciation is lost. People live and give their lives, shun family members for this name.

    Isn't it better to just use the title God as opposed to using a personal name with extremely questionable accuracy? Even though their own literature admits the original pronunciation is lost they still put 'Jehovah' into their bible! Of all the things not to take a chance on, the personal name of God must be No: 1 IMHO.

    When I meet people and I cant remember a persons name, I normally avoid using a name in the hopes I will remember or someone uses it. Once I'm certain then I will freely use it. GB makes an uncertain name the cornerstone of their organisation and forces their members to use it. Imagine at the second coming if the name turns out to be Yahweh or something else. How would an organization called 'Jehovah's Witnesses' explain using a name they were not even certain of for the God of the old testament and remain alive?

    This is a case where people made a God and not a God people.

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