What do you think when you go by a Kingdom Hall?

by TresHappy 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear

    I feel sadness in missing all those I love.

    I feel disappointment in seeing something get so close to being right in so many ways, but, in the end, completely missing the point.


  • Undecided

    The old KH that I helped build(at least the old part) has had a FOR SALE sign on it for about two years. I wonder if anyone will ever buy it?

    Ken P.

  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea

    then I realize this can never be without me winding up like ....

    so I just revert back to my initial reaction which was

    and I go have a good

    Seriously, I feel sad because I realize this place represents so many things that have been taken from me and my family, by becoming a barrier between my husband and I. They have debunked me and the kids from our position of importance in his life and we have become second priority. I cannot express the pain I feel when I ride by the KH, or just the pain I feel everyday having to live with this. My life and my dreams and hopes for the kids future, my future, and our future as a family have all been shattered...because of them and my husbands willingness to let them come between us.

    On a lighter note...another thing, to add some (more) humor is that the people whose home is directly beside the KH, keep their mailbox decorated with flags and all kinds of patriotic paraphernalia. It is hilarious because the mailboxes are side by side and directly in front of the Kingdom Hall. It looks like the mailbox belongs to the JWs. I bet they cringe everytime they drive up in the parking lot

    Happy Valentines Day, Everyone!!!


  • bay64me

    I think..............saddo's.

  • BadJerry

    I think, "Man, its great to be thinking again!"

  • imanaliento

    when I see one, I'm glad to be outa there and not feel I have to show up and pretend I love everybody, and make our sons feel like we have to be there or else.

  • happyout

    I sometimes drive by one in a kind of upscale neighborhood with lots of hills. I always look at it and wonder how many members they have there, if they go out in service (hi, I'm not walking those hills for anybody), and what kind of half life those people are living. I think it would be a great idea to sneak and decorate a bunch of halls with Christmas lights this year. Anyone want to help?

  • ashitaka

    I always turn up the loud music, light up a cigar, and try to make eye contact with someone I used to know.

  • Brandy5

    Happyout said

    I think it would be a great idea to sneak and decorate a bunch of halls with Christmas lights this year. Anyone want to help?

    It would be a real kick to even just do the out side. Put lights on all the trees & bushes. Maybe a few angel oraments. A Santa in a sleigh pulled by raindeer.

    Place a decoraded tree by the front door. Decorate the front door & string lights all around the building.

    What a kick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I did not fear jail I would be tempted.


  • mommy1

    I go by one hall almost everyday. Most of the time I don't even think of it. If I do look over at it and the kids aren't in the car, I might say a few curse words or just say thank goodness I am free. It depends on the mood.

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