Should I assimilate him...?

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  • Prisca

    As Winston said, just say you are too busy just now.

    Say it in such a way that is friendly but disappointed (but not too much, or your friend will have a really good reason to start doubting your sincerity, LOL)

  • stephenw20

    Bible examiner,

    I put my 2ยข in yesterday about the new fella you were asked to study with.....

    Today tho , since it has been pricking my brain since then..... I have to ask you

    DIRECTLY about these comments.....:

    "Since I am still an active JW, or at least appearing to be,"

    is this to benefit anyone in particular ? a short time ago a younger person with family asked for help in regard to what he should do and how he should do it. From the premise of the question , it appears you are older and in a different circumstance. If I am wrong I apologise.

    So why not worry about yourself? and YOUR family and getting them out rather than even consider another obligation to MAKE OTHERS happy.....

    "Since I have to remain in this org. until certain familiy members have their eyes opened to the truth, I must keep up a front"

    I cant say how this feels for you...only you can.... but isnt this torture and a waste of time and your energy. Keep up a front?
    for whom? for who's benefit.......
    not for your your opinion of what is right not as important as your families..

    is your freedom of speech , & religion guaranteed by the constution, fought for by the society......... not yours and yours alone........

    if you are concerned with reaction of others.....
    thats their piece of the pie...

    would not spending time this area be more healthy than "waiting " for some to see..........
    if they never see...will you never leave....... can rip into me go ahead... its no biggy......
    I just would like to hear you say others are more important than you are........


  • battman

    would not spending time this area be more healthy than "waiting " for some to
    if they never see...will you never leave..

    hello bx,
    i am amazed at the quality and depth of the comments you
    are receiving, the WT is losing the very brightest, best, etc.
    A real brain drain. I wish I could offer some sound advice but
    the above quote seemed to hit home with me.

    Actions speak louder than words and i see the "winds of change"
    a blowin'. It might take a number of years, but with the ancient
    GB, new GB members and the internet it is almost a given that there
    will be changes. That does not mean taht the change would be
    for the better, as in what we think is better. Things could change,
    and often do, for the worse esp. in the "end stage" of a diesease.

    I was a 25 year R&F follower but the end of my marriage nearly did me in.
    A faithful, 3rd generation bros. said that there were a lot of dating
    boards on the net and maybe I would find a compatible sister there.

    I never would consider looking at apostate sites on the net but to
    find my dream girl i felt it was OK. Wow, wow, wow and wow. I
    found nearly 60 sites all dealing with "truth", not "the truth". Also
    I went to e-bay and purchased some old WT books. Unbelievable.
    So if you were to study, follow the advise in the 1985 WT, to rearch
    out the older publications. ie; the change in baptism, and 1,000's
    of other unexpaliable positions. Study hard, study long, search,
    search and eventually you too will feel more grounded in the validity
    of your beliefs and your family? you just never know but the TRUTH
    involves risk, life is risk and the rest is sleep/death.

    Reminds me of a story when American soldiers were forced to build
    an airstrip for the Japenese in WWII. The Yanks were starved when
    the refused to work. So they decided they would work their butts
    off, but very inefficiently. They started to run from place to place,
    even with full wheelbarrows and dig like crazy to meet the deadline
    so the Japenese could attack the US Navy from this base. While one
    crew dug a hole and moved on a, running wheelbarrow man would "trip"
    and fall in the new dug hole filling it in and so on and so and so on.
    They ate like kings and worked like crazy except they missed the deadline for
    sure. A true and wonderful story , but I can't remember the author
    or title.

    My much delayed point being, work your buttt off man. Study the WT
    stuff, it is a blast, extremely funny (sad really) and plant lots of seeds.
    You can do much more on the inside. Remember the WT term of theo.
    warfare and fight like crazy. Keep your eye on this site for the very
    latest, and some very old, gems of wisdom. I keep a large stack of
    old WT books on my desk, book bag. I love the picture of a blond,
    and of course beardless, Jesus getting baptized. rotflmao. priceless.

    be careful as a serpent and all of us are here for you.

    of thre i am getting tired hunting and pecking class

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