Should I assimilate him...?

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  • biblexaminer

    Since I am still an active JW, or at least appearing to be, I still have my tubules in place and I am quite capable of assimilating a human. The question is, should I?

    Since I have to remain in this org. until certain familiy members have their eyes opened to the truth, I must keep up a front, and there is this 'brother' who wants me to assimilate his fleshly brother. I am quite capable of inserting my little tubules into his neck and pumping puss into his system. And I need cover since suspicion lurks under every rock.

    Should I thrust in my tubules. Shall I infect his very mind with GB dicta?

  • nicolaou
  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith


    Your situation is akin to someone knowingly infecting another with a deadly disease. Sure, if you don't study with this person, someone else will...but you're the one who has to look yourself in the face every morning when you shave.(I'm assuming you do, as we know that all real JW's don't have beards<G>).

    Can you live with the fact that you've destroyed another life?
    How bout a simple, naw, I'm too busy to study with 'em....


  • digderidoo

    I really feel it would be wrong of you to study with him.
    If you are having doubts yourself how is it possible to see him week in, week out and teach him something you do not believe in?
    If you do it would make u a liar and a deceiver. So my advice would be to stay away.

    Yours dig

    Ordinary people just like you and me...
    We're the keepers of our destiny...

  • stephenw20

    if it were your brother would you?

    my only disclaimer is if , he does not attend meetings.................. you could let him know what the org is REALLY about...or be coy enough to plant all the excellent evidence in front of him!

    his brother may find out though...........think it through


  • outnfree

    Please don't do it!


  • thinker

    Does this potential victim have access to the internet? If so, you could indirectly direct him to some informative sites (like this one).
    Send me his email and I'll be glad to recommend some sites for him to check out.

  • Esmeralda

    Hi bx,

    I have to echo everything that Winston said so well. I remember, one of the last
    years that I was active someone turned over a study to me and I just couldn't
    keep it up. I felt guilty, here I was trying to convince this woman to give up her lucrative job
    (she was a bartender) and marry a man she was unsure of just because they were engaged
    and lived together (I couldn't get the words out, the pioneer who sat in on the study
    was happy to do so)

    I was unhealthy already so it wasn't too hard to get out of the study. Now I know
    why I felt so awful at the time: I was already on my way out, I just didn't realize it yet.

    I think that if you do it now, and he gets baptized, and then you leave, you'll carry
    that guilt with you for a long time.

    Say you had a ticket on a plane, and you're the first in line to go down the
    jetway onto the plane. As you went to board, you looked out the window and realized one of
    the engines was hanging off the wing.

    The flight is full, and as you back away from the door deciding not to get on, someone runs
    up to you and says "Please can I have your ticket? I have to get home to see my family."

    Would you give it to him? Or would you say hey, you don't want to get on this plane." ?
    Then go about making sure that no one else got on the plane either?

    I know it may seem helpful to your keeping up your facade as you wait for your family.
    But why personally add any more lives to the list of those destroyed by the WTS? I think you'll be sorry later. If I were you I'd get busy, real quick...too busy for that study.

    Good're in a tough spot and I feel for you.


  • Francois

    Puss? PUSS? They make it in injectable form now? That means someone has actually invented bottled PUSS? OH JOY!!!!!!! Heaven is mine!!!!! Do you know how long I've waited on this? Why, every ship-bound man will want a whole CASE!!! Where can I purchase some stock in this Bottled Puss company??? What to they call it? (Surely not!) Oh, the rapture! Oh, the ecstacy! Oh, the thrill of it all. If grandfather were only still here!

    Excuse me while I go compose myself and regain my usual staid composure. Um, er, ahem, gulp. :-}

  • Stephanus

    If it's a problem to you, BX, why don't you simply undermine all your own efforts secretly? You'd know what issues concern your study; just get some "opposer" literature on those issues and drop them in his letterbox under cover of darkness (hopefully you haven't given him the "trash all apostate literature" speech yet!). You might even pretend to have no answers to the questions he brings up from your well-placed literature.

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