Does the WT EVER Admit to being Wrong?

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    Can the Governing Body of Hypocrites EVER Admit that they are Wrong?

    The Watchtower August 1st 1978 Issue, Page 3:

    Can You Admit When You Are Wrong?

    "THE foolish and the dead alone never change their opinion." At least, so said writer J. R. Lowell.

    Then, despite all the evidence of Jesus resurrection, they wanted to get rid of the apostles, who were witnesses to this mighty work of God.

    Yes, rather than admit that they were wrong, the Jews wanted to remove all trace of the evidence.

    Have you ever known a supervisor at work who makes a mistake and, when it is exposed, refuses to admit it or tries to blame someone else?

    This is due to pride, a feeling that in his position he should not be caught in a mistake.

    AWAKE! February 8th 1973 Issue, Page 3:

    The Wisdom of Admitting a Mistake

    Admitting a mistake reflects on things we may take pride in, such as our knowledge, our skill or our carefulness. We want to have a good appearance in the eyes of others. Seeking to "save face" is not limited to Orientals.

    Without doubt a very telling reason why it is difficult at times to admit making a mistake is the blame, censure or punishment that may come because of having made a mistake, as when one causes a serious accident.

    Because of the shame that goes with making a mistake the tendency is to pin the blame on others, a thing our very first parents, Adam and Eve, tried to do.

    Frankly, what really is gained by refusing to accept blame for what we have done? True, we may not get disciplined at the time, but "whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap." (Gal. 6:7)

  • obiwan

    They are never wrong, they just have a new understanding of the scriptures.

  • ozziepost

    They don't believe that ADMIT is something that "true Christians" are called upon to do. It's just for worldly people.


    Well, chances of the Borg admitting they 'goofed' or 'erred'...well, I'm sure I'll turn 200 years old when that happens. NOT!

    But just in case you want to have some good ol' fun and do some research and cross referencing, check out Bean's 'Quotes' site.

    No need to wait for any admission of error. Just go there and figure it out for yourself .

  • JT
    They are never wrong, they just have a new understanding of the scriptures

    for the most part this is so true,. but it is interesting to see HOW THEY ADMIT TO BEING WRONG- it is always in a manner where the blame can be spread out over a large number of folks so as to dilute the effect of them being wrong-

    there are some good quotes sorta like-

    "From time to time the wt has stated so and so- instead of from time to time the FDS has stated

    or "Some bro in their desire to see righteousness or the end come have said so and so"

    while the wt has a long history of admitting to error per say IT IS THE MANNER IN WHICH THEY DO IT -

    it is done in such a way that they NEVER LOSE FACE- it is was an honest mistake, or we meant well, etc

    the type of excuse that the wt or the avg jw would never accept if they had a bible study who was offering the same excuse for thier religion- how sad

  • garybuss

    The modern Watch Tower Publishing Corporation takes pride in admitting they are wrong. One of their core teachings is the position that a requirement for a true organization is their willingness to admit to making mistakes.

    The Watch Tower Publishing Corporation, in it's mission to prove it is owned and managed by God, makes assumptions and draws erroneous conclusions to be presented to the world as "truth". Then, all who will be approved for association with the agents of the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation are required to accept that erroneous conclusion, or be marked for ostracism.

    Making and admitting doctrinal error is a fundamental feature of the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation. They have a prolific history of error and attempted correction and then, revision of that correction. Now, and for the last century or so, all "new light" has simply been revisions in prior presentations.

    Anyone seeking to belong to a high control, apocalyptic group, that makes and exchanges mistakes as a highlighted feature, and has never gotten one objective prediction right in their entire history, I highly recommend the Jehovah's Witness group.

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  • AlanF

    The Watchtower will admit to having been wrong in a vague, distant past. But it will never admit to being wrong right now. After all, if they thought they were wrong, they'd change, right?


    The fact is that Watchtower changes its doctrine or policy, not because people point out problems and WTS leaders realize it and correct it, but when circumstances force a change, or when a change seems to be in the best interest of the leaders' agendas. Thus, the teaching about 1975 was never admitted to be wrong until years after it became painfully obvious that yet another prediction had failed and the leaders saw that they were losing members. The teaching that the "1914 generation" could only last a maximum of one literal generation (70 to 80 years) was changed only after the 80 year maximum had run out and yet another prediction had failed. The teaching that the "superior authorities" were human governments was expediently changed in 1929 by Rutherford to a teaching that they were God and Christ, because 3/4 of the Bible Students had left over the wrong 1925 prediction and other things, and Rutherford needed a powerful scriptural argument to get the remaining Bible Students to obey him as the right hand man of the "superior authorities" (called "higher powers" at that time). But again in 1962, general political unrest made it expedient to change the teaching back to the original, so that JWs would respect governments as the Bible commanded and not generate political difficulties that WTS leadership didn't want to deal with.

    Since the publication in 1985 of the Creation book, many people have pointed out its gross misrepresentations, misunderstandings and outright lies, yet only a few cosmetic changes have been made to the book. None of the wrong claims have been corrected. Why? Because only one man high in the Watchtower organization -- its author and the editor-in-chief of Awake! -- has the intellectual wherewithal to understand why changes are needed, and he is too protective of his personal position to admit to having made gross errors. Think of the repercussions to Peloyan and to the Society itself if they admitted that some claims made in that ridiculous book are wrong. Yet many, including me, have personally pointed out to Peloyan what is wrong. This man is the poster boy for all that is wrong with prideful, arrogant, morally stupid Watchtower leaders.


  • metatron

    Last I knew, Harry Peloyan had a heart condition and wondered privately if Armageddon wouldn't come soon

    because China might have to be preached to.


    It's pathetic, really


  • Elsewhere

    They frequently talk about having "imperfect" men in the organization... but never do they specifically state what the past errors were or apologize for the pain and heartache they have caused while givning examples of the pain that was caused.

    Sometimes they will release an article written by someone giving their life experiences... but they have never had Sister "Son Died Because He Didn't Receive an Organ Transplant" tell her story of all the unnecessary pain and suffering that resulted from her following the past teachings of the WTS.

  • Ed

    It's always like "we were right before, but now we're even more right."

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