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  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Ok it is 4 am and I have not gone to bed so I wont be checking this thread till way later.

    Still I have a question.........maybe someone can answer it for me.

    Why, why, WHY???? Do so many Christians believe that anyone who does not believe as they do will burn in Hell?

    There are those who even believe those who never heard the word of the Christ or even seen a bible will burn.

    I asked my cousin who is a fundy about people who were born before Jesus was or who were not near him to hear his ministry.

    She told me they were going to Hell and not to think about them!!

    She told me this was Gods Justice!

    Now I believe in God but, I cannot believe that!

    Where in the bible does this belief come from?

    Also, why do so many believe Armageddon is a War they will fight for God? Where is that in the bible?

    There are many Christians Stock Piling Weapons for The Fear Inspiring Day Of The Lord.

    So where is that in the bible?

    I am so happy Ravyn is getting out of Fundy Land! Cause as much as I want to respect others beliefs. I think those beliefs are a bit harsh.

    Just my 2 cents........

    Will check in to see your answers.

    Thank-you so much people.

    Gotta Luvz Yaz,


  • greven

    I have wondered the same thing many times.

    I can't see how people equate a loving God, a farther with this extremely harsh treatment.

    No parent would torture their child, no matter what mistake. But we should believe God would torture people that have never heard of him? How can a few years of sin be punished by enternity of torture? How can a God that does things like that punish people like Hitler?

    Justice? Rightiousness? No Way! Who would worship a God like that?

    I share your sentiments U_R, just remember: there are always people with twisted minds like that.


  • barry

    The truth is we, including fuddies are worst that we ever imagined while God is better than we ever hoped for. Barry

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    A couple of reasons - there's more, but my words fail me

    • They may have failed to be charitable or limited themselves to remain well within their own physical comfort zone - and simultaneously someone alerted them to rules that, if followed, can clean them of guilt - indeed they may have already been seeking the most accurate rules for the purpose themselves - "what's the true religion?" (it's even referred to as obeying God)
    • There is generally an underlying fear that pervades the life and soul of those lacking charity - however the mind can be darkened to the fear to some degree, by diverting for a focus on a formula that makes 'some' sense - about scriptures (it's even referred to as belief, weak and strong etc.)
    • Additionally, they may have done something wrong, but not a lot by white human standards, so they retain a pride in how they are via their own effort. So then, it becomes like Bush said, "We're good, they're evil"
    • Naturally, when other people are also like yourself, faith in a formula is stronger and the diversion of the mind more sustainable.
    • They may have been brought up to think such things and have to accept their family dumping them just to shake it off - hence the "whoever loves family more than me" - the truth - indeed, the opposite to what jws believe.

    Most things to do with God or spirituality I think are generally 180 deg to jwism / fundamentalism - trying to believe (accept) that they are doing right even when they wrong - yet displaying the utmost adversity to simple and plain truth - see the pharisees.

    There was once a fellow who was a bit trod under foot that God put holy writing in the hands of those who didn't deserve it. As he had been 'gooder' than them, he decided that he should have any status that they did, and usurp that holy writing (God'spell). So he looked at God'spell and, not seeing, he made his own stories up - and he looked at God'spell and not, seeing he made his own stories up - and he looked at God'spell not seeing he made his own stories up!

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    I used to say: give man god's word to interpret, and watch the calamity ensue.

    I used to say: give god man's word to interpret, and watch him/her laugh.


  • Brummie
    Also, why do so many believe Armageddon is a War they will fight for God?

    Huh, I'd consider myself Christrian but I never heard that before! That type of 'storing weapons' mentality is usually associated with these far out cults, gee weird huh.

    I asked my cousin who is a fundy about people who were born before Jesus was or who were not near him to hear his ministry. .. She told me they were going to Hell and not to think about them

    What Church is she associated with? Sounds worrying...perhaps a little research on her church would be worth the time.

    I believe the Bible speaks of Hell, however no man can judge who is going to be saved and who is not. That judgement was given over to Christ (John 5). IMO hell means seperation from God.

    I also think people get a "plato" vision of hell which is not Scriptural at all, some peoples minds just wander off.

    For your cousin to say they are going to hell and not to think about them is way off the mark.



  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea

    There are those who even believe those who never heard the word of the Christ or even seen a bible will burn...

    I don't believe all churches teach this, although I feel certain (well, according to my own experience) many do. I have met several Christians online that say that they really don't know how God will judge those who've never heard "the gospel" but that they can only put their faith in Him and trust that he will be just. I know the churches I have attended taught that God would show himself to those that he had chosen....I presume that meant those that never hear of him are not part of his chosen and would burn in hell. I think this is based on assumption (because of lack of scriptural reference) rather than any particular scripture and, undoubtedly, varies from denomination to denomination, and even church to church.

    Oddly, I can't answer your question about the people who were around before Jesus and during his time who had never heard of Jesus or his message. I know that the OT prophets, etc., according to my old church teachings, were expected to be in heaven. I can remember sermons about them all being gathered around "up yonder" waiting for the clouds to roll back and for the rest of us to be called home.... (ever hear a Carman (christian singer who is, btw, imho a real hottie) song called "Lazarus"?)

    Also, why do so many believe Armageddon is a War they will fight for God? Where is that in the bible?

    This is a teaching I remember. I don't know if other churches teach this but at my church Armageddon was believed to be a war where many would die and Jesus would be the lead warrior for the Christians. I haven't a clue as to where this belief comes from scripturally (I look into it when I get some time).

    Sorry I couldn't be of anymore help. I guess I was a sleepy Christian .


  • Introspection


    Why do people believe anything?

    See, even in asking the question "Where does it say this in the bible" that reflects the same mental process. You may not be acting out of fear or hate, but there is a bit of separation there, disconnectedness. What I mean by that is instead of looking at just how things are, the fact that something is in the bible is used as a reason to justify your beliefs. Why do you believe what's in the bible? So often that seems to be it's own reason, which of course makes no logical sense at all. You may have other good reasons to think the bible has good things to say, but the fact that it's in the bible itself is no reason.

    If you step back and look at the basic movement of that type of thinking, it's pretty much a separation between you and them isn't it? The fundamentalist type of person basically says "I'm right, you're wrong - what's wrong has got to go, you've gotta go." Of course, the fact that exists now is that both exists - you've got the people who believe one thing, and the people who don't - and they all think however they think. More often than not, what people reject are the thoughts that they never really thought much about. Now you may very well know a certain way of thinking and choose not to go that way, but what people just do not notice is that it's a thought that already came up in their head, and in blocking it out they are only blocking out a part of themselves. If they do that with their own thinking, it's no wonder that they do it in how they relate to others in the world.

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  • happy man
    happy man


    hello my friend, very good qestions, i also use to ask new born christians, why they can belive in hell, ans still be happy in heaven.

    Konfusing, i myself think, we dont now a thing about how jesus going to condemd peopel, i think the last shall be the first, and opposite, is a good thing to remember.

    How can you judge onother man, look in your one eye, is a very good comment as we see in the bibel.

    One thing is very important, we are personaly resposibel fore our akts, we can never claim for exampel i am a JW, therefore I am saved, or i am new born Ch , therfore i am saved,

    It is intersting to see what jesus say, on the day, havent we served you, now go away from mee, I dont now you.

    hope evrything is godd wifh you

    love from HM

  • Gig

    I've asked myself the same thing, and my answer is this: Men do not have the authority to judge... determining whether someone is going to heaven or hell is judgement on the highest level. Let's not forget that WE set our own standard by which we will be judged...for in the same measure!

    True christian unity is found in the heart condition where we are all just trying to do our best, submitting to God's plan, depending on Christ's sacrifice, and depending on the Holy Spirit to guide us...all the while ENCOURAGING others. Why that is so hard for people to understand and accept I just don't know.

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