How did you imagine the end happening?

by DblOSmith 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • greven

    I always imagined it like this:

    Suddenly the sky turn black with red streaks, lightning flashes and thunder rolls,

    Then a big hole opens in the sky, a big finger is protruding from it, getting lower and lower until it points straigt at my face. Then I hear a deep rumbling voice shaking my entire body, sending waves of shivers down my spine. I know that, whatever the voice says I can't resist it. The voice says : HEY, PSSST! PULL MY FINGER

    I wake up screaming.


  • CoonDawg
    Anybody have other favourite End of The World Films that they enjoyed?

    Yep..."On The Beach" was really good. I also have on video "The Day After". That one was pretty chilling for the early / mid 80's pre-berlin wall. I remember seeing a brit "appocalypse" film that was good called "Threads"...but I've never been able to find it again since. It was much more graphic and much more disturbing.

    I remeber seeing a WT picture as a child of about 4 yrs. old. The picture depicted lots of lightening in the sky and people running for their lives ...trying in vain to escape the destruction that was all around them. I too had a fear of thunderstorms turning into "The Big A". I always felt in my heart that there was no way that I would ever make it...even as a very young child.

    Good question, though...


  • Carmel

    I always imagined a french tickler on the end was a real "happinin"! Beyond that is another begining!


  • Sargon

    LOL @ Carmel.

    I always liked this Frost poem: (fitting for Valentines day)

    Some say the world will end in fire rain and ice,

    From what I've tasted of desire,

    I hold with those who fancy fire,

    But if it were to perish twice,

    I think that for destruction, Ice,

    Is also great,

    and would suffice.

  • DanTheMan

    Totalitarian fascist conservative leaders take control of U.S. Gov't.

    A sticky war in the Middle East.

    Economic and other crises force nations to give power to toothless UN.

    UN realizes that mankind's greatest enemy is religious fanaticism.

    All hell breaks loose from there.

    I'd better stop.

  • Swan

    In my dream the full moon opened up to show that it was a giant hand with fingers that reached down from the sky and shook the earth violently. The noise was so loud I could not hear myself cry out and everything was falling down around me. I took shelter under a piece of broken wall and then thousands of little jellyfish with crablike legs ran past. The jumped on people and became horrible diseases where their flesh fell off and blood gushed out from their skinless bodies. They were just walking muscle people oozing blood, like the transparency pictures in the medical encyclopedia. Then one of the creatures stopped, spotted me, and started for me. I thought, "No, It's a mistake." and cried out for "Jehovah" but the creature jumped on my face smothering me anyway. I wondered how Jehovah could let this mistake happen. This was my last thought before I woke up.


  • Fruitcake

    The Great Day of Jehovah will be a Judgement against hypocritical religious leaders that have hindered the workings of his holy spirit, and of Gods anointed sons. It is against people that have shown pride and lawlessness, even when they thought they were doing Gods work.

    The "Great Day" will not be against the billions of humanity in general as we have been taught.

  • DblOSmith

    OKay, I thought mine was weird, but um... some of you are just on drugs. lol j/k

  • Ed

  • Swan

    LOL @ Ed! Very funny!

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