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  • Beans

    Well it has been one year since I first started promoting the Quotes web site, about 15 months ago when Quotes and I were reunited I recall looking at the counter at the bottom of the page and he had about 17,000 visitors. As I look today there is over 39,000 happy visitors, and what a pleasure it has been spreading the good word!

    When I stopped going to meetings at 16 I had read nothing but knew things didn't add up at the Watchtower! So when I hooked up again with Quotes I looked at his web site and it was like WOW if you just read there own material you can see how they contradict themselves!!!

    I think Quotes told me once, if I can help one person see the other side of the picture and leave the Watchtower I will be satisfied, well I think he has accomplished this many times! He told me once he got an e-mail from someone who said that they had looked at his site and he and two other elders had left, JOB COMPLETE! And it has also been amusing viewing some of the e-mails that Quotes has shared with us from the JOE JW's and there arrogance and anger, really reminds you of how the cult mind ticks!

    I would also like to thank many of you here who have indirectly helped with the site by posting topics which contain Quotes that have been added for your viewing pleasure! And last but not least my Brother Quotes!!! Great Job!



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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Only a year, and you guys have done so much good!

    I have no doubt that even greater "good works" lie ahead!

    Happy anniversary!

  • jst2laws

    Hello Beans

    someone who said that they had looked at his site and he and two other elders had left,

    I emailed the link below to Quotes and thanked him for the site, explaining his was the best one. One elder looked at you site of unique WT quotes and said, "this is the worst thing they could do to us". As you see below they we all soon resigned and non a JW's any more.


    Nov 11,2001

    Exactly one year ago three other families joined us at our vacation home for a week of relaxation and stimulating conversation. Of the four men, three were Elders and the other a Ministerial Servant. Together these four had 116 years as appointed servants. In another post I may talk more about families, but for now I would just like to share this experience with these men.

    I was on my way out at the time and dared to share some thoughts with these old friends. I even took them to a few of the less offensive web sites. The resulting discussions were very stimulating. Having been old friends, 2 of us ex-Bethelites, and perceiving a true camaraderie from common experience. we lowered our defenses and spoke form our hearts.

    We laughed at the preposterous reasoning of the Daniel book we were expected to present as legitimate. We cringed at the reality of conducting the Congregation Watchtower Study when the lesson was total BS. But at that time, last year, we were all loyally supporting the Faithful and Discreet Slave waiting for them to wake up and turn things around.

    WE ARE NOT WAITING ANYLONGER. By April of this year, less than 6 months after our week together, all 3 elders had resigned. The MS, who had already resigned as an elder over problems within, so far is hanging on. These four men had been pillars in their witness community, some with years in the fulltime work.


  • Banshee

    Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary! Thanks for helping more people leave the WT cult! Yippee!!! <applauding>

  • archangel01

    That site is amazing

  • Scully

    Dear Quotes & Beans:

    I can't begin to tell you what a valuable resource the Quotes website is. I'm so glad it's available and also ecstatic to hear how much good it does in helping people exit the Organization. I also enjoy the entertaining exchanges Quotes has via e-mail with some of his visitors that have come to the conclusion that the website is apostate in nature. LOL "Only Watchtower Quotes" is apostate?? LMAO

    Love, Scully


    Beans: congratulations on 1 year of on-line service to the internet communities.

    The information posted on your site (I've been there) is invaluable.

    For those seeking information re: WTBTS 'good ol days', your site is the place to go. Not simply for that, but for so much more.

    I respect the value of information you have provided. For many digging deeper into things, you've certainly made it accessable to all.

    Thanks Beans!

  • Shakita
    .......if I can help one person see the other side of the picture and leave the Watchtower I will be satisfied, well I think he has accomplished this many times!

    My husband and I are some of the people who have seen the other side of the picture and have left the WT cult behind. Now my kids still at home can look forward to leading a "normal" life without WT propaganda. Thanks for such a great site which I have personally been to many times. Congratuations on your one year anniversary!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Simon

    Happy 1st Birthday ! It's a great site and very powerful

    BTW: If you want to do a 468x60 banner I'd be happy to put it on this site for you.

  • xjw_b12

    Quotes and Beans. Yes Congrats. Happy Anniversary. I too have used your site for research and found it quite helpful.

    I enjoy some of the letters you have shared on this board from the unsuspecting ! LOL

    Hey the truth hurts, dosen't it.

    PS Have you made any headway on the baptism questions ? AlanF posted a thread here some time ago, that spelled out how the WTBTS has changed the questions over the years to align the GB with God, Jesus and the holy spirit. It would be nice to see that on your board.

    Here's to another successful year.

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