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  • Francois

    OH, I forgot. How silly of me. Thanks so much for noticing the life milestone. NO, no. I appreciate it. It's not like it happens every day and I really am warmed to the cockles of my heart by your kind words of encouragement and love upon the birth of my first and only grandchild, my grandson, on Monday of this week. You all are so impressive. Can I tell my momma about you?



  • gsx1138

    Well it is time to share my opinion on this whole subject.

    And that's all I have to say about that.

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  • Xena

    lol never claimed to know your motivation...don't really care....just noticed the verbal abuse you seem to enjoy heaping upon others....oh wait except those who AGREE with you...ooohhh I get it now

    As for the milestone in your life...congradulations...unfortunately the uuumm hhhmm yep gotta call it drivel you poured out in the ensuing posts somewhat deluted the happy message of grandparenthood in the, one and only, 1st sentence of your first post to this thread. Bad me, I missed a belated congrats and please do tell your mama "hi" for me

  • StinkyPantz

    Hehe, Franky-poo, you just cannot let this die can you? I keep telling myself, "Bridget, don't do it!! Don't give in!!!" Unfortunately, I love to argue; unless of course it is to no avail to do so. I really feel like this is one of those situations where nothing we say will matter.

    Well Animal it is apparent that you think that I deserve any treatment I get because I am naive. Well, I am sometimes, and I'm also emotional, so it's not a good combination; but like I said before, I've learned my lesson. Therefore, this will be the last post I will make regarding all of this. I am well aware and have been from the beginning that Francois is trying very hard to bait me. I thought at first that we could debate fairly (MY definition of fair), but I'm sure that that cannot be done. I fear that the respect I do have for Francois will only become diminished by further discussion. Maybe in the future if Francois chooses to say something I disagree with we can try this again, until then. . . .





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  • foreword

    Sorry to have upset you.....Emperor sir.......

    ....There's always a few in each crowd who are so far into self-righteousness they can't identify it in themselves.

    were you talking about yourself.....

    By your negative comments to brought it upon yourself

  • Gary1914
    The only person here so far who is even close is Animal

    Means "Aminal seems to agree with what I said."

    Good for you, Stinky, for not rising to the bait.

  • roybatty
    RoyB, if you don't answer a person according to the manner in which they have responded to you, they won't understand a thing you're saying.

    I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. I recall in the original post, Stinky put forth her opinion in a civil manner. You came back and attacked her, not her position. Do you need me to go back to your post and point this out?

    little tough for you is it? I don't remember ever offering any insults to you.

    Yeah, it's a little tough for me to understand why you were picking on her. In general, I've enjoyed your posts and offer my congrats on the new addition to your family. But no one enjoys a bully.

    What are you on about? Trying to get in good with the ladies is it?

    Darn, you caught me! I'm hoping to impress some of the ladies here on Whadda think? Is it working? Let's keep doing this "good cop bad cop" thing. (Psssttt...XENA, AM I IMPRESSING YOU???)

    I will agree with you on one point and that is your comment about what motivates you. For any one to guess as to what motivates another person without really knowing them, is well, bs.

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  • Francois

    If all I wanted you to do was rise to the bait, why oh why would I invite you to do this in private where our "friends" here can't pour gas on the flames? And then emerge as the friends we used to be instead of this low sink of sewage you've somehow arranged for us?

    I say you're not willing because you can't answer the question: WHY DO YOU SEEM TO THINK YOU OWN THE RACE ISSUE? You can't answer that question publically or privately so you slink off pointing your finger over your shoulder and blaming the questioner for your inability. Dishonest, Stinky, weak, disengenuous. I'm ashamed of you, and disappointed in you. You have now lost all the considerable and genuine respect I once had for you.

    And my wife - the minority person I'm married to - remember her, Stinky? She said she'd like to get her stubby little dark brown fingers around your 'fraidy cat neck, that you do a disservice to all minorities - married to a majority or not, cause you have no guts and not the courage of your loudly proclaimed convictions, that you should stand and answer - that's the least you can do after pitching a fit in your original post and then discovering your fly was open and your foot was in your mouth. And that comes from my wife, not me.

    And all you kind folk who hung out just to add fuel to the flames. You need treatment at the nearest vegetable stand. They know all about cabbage heads there. Piss off. You're now turned off.


  • Gary1914
    And all you kind folk who hung out just to add fuel to the flames. You need treatment at the nearest vegetable stand. They know all about cabbage heads there. Piss off. You're now turned off.

    Aminal need not be concerned with the statements shown above. Francois only attacks those that do not follow his instructions or do not agree with his comments.

    By the way, the intent was not the "fuel the flames" but to give Stinky support after your barrage of unprovoked insults.

  • pettygrudger

    Francois - #1 - congrats on the grand baby -

    #2 - I noticed SP's email is open, so if you wanted to discuss this issue with her without anyone "piling on" as you are complaining about, why didn't you just do that?

    Xena didn't deserve your pot shots when she told you what she saw - nor did she insult you. You're posts generally have a hint of condenscending "superiority" - which perhaps you feel you are entitled are an extremely intelligent man, so hell - who knows - maybe you do deserve the right to be "condenscending". However the constant little remarks are difficult to read. If I had been spoken to that way I would be highly offended, and therefore it would become difficult for me to understand the point you were trying to make.

    I didn't read to many of those threads to know what is going on here....but I can tell you Francois, if you're words here are any indication - its pretty obvious why SP was offended. And now Xena. Surely with your wealth of intelligence, you can also afford humility?

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