What Makes A Person Feel Accepted In The Org.?

by minimus 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sargon

    One must excel at 'follow the leader.'

  • Satanus

    How can any jws accept another jw for what he/she is, when they don't accept themselves? We were taught to suppress, or if possible destroy some feelings/thoughts. Things like questioning authority, unbelief of wt/bible/god things, ambition to get somewhere or accomplish anything big, store up for the future, worrying ('throw all worries on god'). One needs to accept himself before he can accept others.


  • YellowLab

    I never felt accepted when I went. This was probably because of the secret double life I was leading at the time.

    Then when I got reproved for "pornei'a" with a non-JW woman, my reputation really took a nosedive. It wasn't long after that I simply faded away.

    In my opinion, the way to be accepted is to know the right people. Also smiling a lot and saying "yes" often.

  • minimus

    SS, you are not supposed to think, never mind, accept yourself. However,most people do not need to feel that they are acceptable. But they do need to feel accerted by others. Plenty of people feel that they're never good enough but everyone else thinks that they're magnificent. That's what keeps them going.

  • blondie

    You can't play the game and win unless you know the rules. When you do know the rules and abide by them, you are supposed to win the game. The problem with the game of living within the Watchtower society is that the rules change according to the Rulers in power at any given time.--Unknown


    Being terrified,of being thrown out.....OUTLAW

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