How many did you get then?

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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    I got your mesage Oz. I just wanted to be updated, your message says it all.

    Guest 77

  • JH

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  • COMF

    $250 so far on roses, including a bouquet for my mom. I'm still mulling over whether to give some to the receptionist on our floor. The mutual attraction crackles like static cling when we're within 30 feet of each other, but it would open up such a can of worms... I'm trying not to date people who work where I do, but she's sure making it tough to stick with that, especially since she lives about 15 minutes from my home. Decisions, decisions...

  • Kenneson

    Jehovah's Witnesses will love this one. It came out in today's local paper.

    "Tehran, Iran"

    "Police crack down on Valentines."

    "Iranian police have launched a massive crackdown on Valentine' s Day celebrations in a bid to limit Western influences, ordering shops to remove heart-themed decorations from their windows and confiscating Valentine's cards. Plainclothes police began the crackdown Monday after Valentines inundated shopping malls in wealthy north Tehran and young people began to show great interest in marking the day. Valentine's Day and its tradition of exchanging gifts with the opposite sex contradicts conservative morals in a country where contact between unrelated men and women is strongly discouraged."

  • Athanasius

    I sent a Valentines Day Card to a very special lady. I hope that the postal service is on the ball and she receives it on Valentines Day.


  • Mac

    My only recollections of Valentine's Day are sitting at my desk in grammer school with my head down, feeling very uncomfortable while the other children walked around the room depositing cards in each other's desks.. I think a few were snuck into mine even though they were not supposed be. Got a lot of flicks on the back of my head as the kids snickered at me though. Maybe that's why I have yet to celebrate it even though I do all other holidays. Ya never know?


  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins

    Don't know how many. Haven't checked the letter box this morning.

  • bittersweet


    I remember those days.They sucked!

  • acsot

    For the first time I sent out Valentine's Day e-cards today - though I'm free and single, I sent out friendship ones to several people and also received some cool ones.

    Mac and Bittersweet: yes, school was horrible. That brought back some very unpleasant memories. Being a kid is hard enough without the ostracism and being made to feel mean because of something so silly and innocuous as Valentine's day cards . Oh well, better make up for it now!


  • imanaliento

    Happy Valentines Day to You Mr. and Mrs. Ozzie,

    I was up till midnight printing two cards for my hubby that I left on the table along with a huge chocolate kiss. He let me buy a ring that has a ruby with diamonds, but he hasn't even noticed the earings yet.


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