Awake! Really IS like a College Education!

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  • Stephanus

    No need to worry about going to doctors who spend years at medical school, folks! Just pray that your path will cross with a JW who's kept up to date on their Awake!s - they will diagnose complex conditions that doctors were unable to, in nothing flat!

  • freedom96

    They sure like to pat themselves on the back don't they?

  • NameWithheld

    LOL! "Readers Digest saved my child's life!" Could happen just as easily.

  • heathen

    I would have thought the convultions were due to the deemonz. which may have been cured by a few sun baths before noon . lol

  • nightwarrior

    Very impresive reading,but looking at the area the vehicle was situated in, one would guess that the chid was crawling along the floor area in and around the garage ,which the home would possibly have been painted with possibly a type of paint which could possibly have accounted for the baby either licking the walls ,or sucking on the end of a lead spanner, as in teathing ,as we all know lots of paint used to have lead added ,which actualy did poison children many years ago, but now its against the law to have any lead content in paint.

    i wouldnot put it past the sister to have gone and supplied the baby with a lead bar of chocolate just to get a bible study. wonder what was in her bag.?????

    notice the lead pole in the on the ground.

  • ozziepost

    Once again the photo illustration reinforces the Borg's view of the world with by using its stereotypes. The man is doing "work" fixing the car, whilst the wife cares for the baby resplendent in a dress looking as if she's straight out of the Brady Bunch. In the meantime we have the Witness woman similarly attired sharing the gospel Awake! magazine as if it were the good news!

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  • santacruzchick

    Lol, I remember reading that a few yrs ago

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    IF you're going for a BS degree.

  • CoonDawg

    I didn't know that the "Snap-On" man made stops in Ecuador! Sheesh...that's about a $2,000 tool box that dude is working on that klunker out of.

    Okay...real realistic. Almost like Charlton Heston with his Rolex in the Chariot scene of "Ben Hur"


  • Valis

    Actually it doesn't suprise me at all...think about the simple fact that they have no impetus to read anything else besides the unAwake ,much less stay current or want to learn new things from the medical and scientific fields..especially in countries without large media presences...terribly stupid,but true in a case like this...Maybe we could send Sally Struther's fat ass some money so she can buy them all subscriptions to Reader's would be so much better /safer than those free mags the get from the JWs anyway...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

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