What is your opinion on this?

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  • crownboy

    I'm not for discriminating against people based on religion, and the government should indeed do its best to accomodate people's religious inclinations, but I think I'll have to side with the government in this case, and against the religious people.


  • email

    Representing the public safety commissioner, attorney Melissa Eberhart told the court the driver's license changes are not discriminatory because they don't affect aliens as a class; they apply to all Minnesota driver's license applicants.

    The judges asked several questions about the full-face photo requirement. Eberhart responded that the requirement was not created to prevent anyone from obtaining a driver's license because of their religious beliefs.

    "It was created out of the need to restore integrity to the driver's license to prevent identity fraud," Eberhart said. "It benefits everyone to have a photo on the driver's license; and that was the commissioner's intention."

    IMHO if they don't want to abide by the laws of this country... I am sorry... then go to a country where they allow you to take an ID picture with your head and face covered... simple as that... It is NOT discriminatory it is PLAIN COMMON SENSE.

  • Realist

    i have to agree 100%.

    a) they have to abide to the law.

    b) religious fundamentalists have to be put in the right place anyway! just because someone believes in whatever mystical figure doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants.

  • ColdRedRain

    I went to school in the same area which this complaint is being held. When it was photo ID day, the Muslim students took off their head coverings and took their pictures. None of them really complained.

    Of course, this was before the local Muslim community here got in contact with the local leftists (And boy, are there PLEANTY here!) and became another group of whiners.

  • crownboy

    I went to school in the same area which this complaint is being held. When it was photo ID day, the Muslim students took off their head coverings and took their pictures. None of them really complained.

    From what I know about Islam, it is not a hard and fast rule that the women must wear veils, but it seems to be something that earns you religious "brownie points" if you do. But even if the head covering were an absolute religious requirement, I'd still be against the Muslims on this one for obvious practical reasons.

  • Elsewhere
  • funkyderek

    If the government forces them to remove their veils for the license photographs, can a police officer force them to remove their veils to compare them to their photographs?

  • rem

    I agree with the government on this as well. A drivers license is a privelege, not a right. For the privelege you have to qualify, and having a suitable identification picture is a requirement. Having a picture taken with a face covering does not meet this requirement. If they will not submit to this requirement, then they will have to be content with public transportation, getting rides, riding bikes, or walking. Some people are just ridiculous with their claims of discrimination.

    What if someone's religion said they had to have a couple shots of alcohol before operating a motor vehicle? (Religious beliefs are irrational, afterall) Obviously there has to be a line drawn between religious beliefs and public safety. Is it discriminatory not to issue drivers licenses to blind people? It's just a disability, afterall.


  • email

    Good points REM,

    A drivers license is a privelege, not a right

    I have the solution... if you don't want to take a full face picture... then we won't let you drive... no discrimination there... simple as that.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Well im not sure about the rest of the States but here in Cali we use or Divers License for EVERYTHING. My goodness, thats how we ID our selves! Be it the bank, school, the govt, etc..etc.. they all want to see some ID!! How can you ID someone when you cant see their face???

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