Yizuman's Updated Report - Part Four

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  • Yizuman

    Ok folks, this is going to be my last updated report since some people are whining and complaining about my postings (it seems they don't want to see any kind of postings from me at all).

    I submitted my motion at the clerk's office for a continous or postponement Monday afternoon and my sis called the clerk's office the next day around 11 AM and she drove by my house to tell me my motion got denied. So I had to go to court this Wednesday.

    So I showed up in court with my sister and her two daughters who brought their homeschooling materials. Then Larry the Landlord showed up then finally my interpreter showed up.

    So I sat around waiting for our names to be called and we approached the judge when he was ready for us.

    Larry made his statement and I made mine. I explained to the judge what you all already know about, how I lost my job and why I am behind on my rent due to thge cutback of hours I received from Wal-Mart about 6 months or so ago, etc etc.

    The judge then made a decision and sided with Larry and agreed to have me move out on the 28th. So I am being evicted. Simple as that.

    Anyway, I am here at the library in Fishers after asking a neighbor who I know works for Bedroom One in Castleton near Fishers and asked her to drop me off at the library, then asked the receptionist to call my sister and let her know I am at the Library and requested a pick up from Wes (her husband) after he gets off from work.

    My goal now is this:

    One: Search the newspapers for "roommates wanted" and see if I can find anyone interested in me as a roommate and jot their numbers down so I can get a neighbor (Oh! I need to let you know this fella helping me is a JW!!! He lives down at the last trailer from me on the other side of the street. I'll explain it on my next post in this same thread. He's really interesting.) to make some phone calls for me to ask what sort of roommate he needs and see if he would visit me to interview me, etc. Never done this roommate thingy before so I am nervous about it. Anyone have any roommate advices for me? Any DOs and DON'Ts for me rules for me?

    Two: When I get my first unemployment check, I will immediately get my car towed (using my Triple A card) and get it fixed. Hopefully it can be fixed and not exceed the first check which will be $157.somechange.

    Three: Get my butt on the road and look for a job and do please wish me luck. Gimme some mojo folks!

    My sis found a missions place in Indy for me to stay if I can't find a place that would take me as a roommate. I'm not crazy about that idea, I don't like big cities as most of you all already know. But I am considering the idea, but scared at the same time.

    That's it!


  • Yizuman

    Ok I mentioned about this JW guy on this post.

    I am not going to mention his name and what congregation he goes to since I am unsure if he lurks on this forum. I'll explain why in a bit.

    When I first knocked on his door asking for help to make a phone call to my sister and this was last week friday when I discovered my phone got disconnected. He called my sis for me and let her know my phone line is down and if she needed to get a hold of me for anything to come down my place. Then he graciously offered his services to have my sis call him for anything and he would deliver the messages for me.

    I did not know he was a JW at that day until Sunday afternoon when I swung by to ask him to call my sister for something I needed from her and I saw his NWT Bible with his WT mag tucked in the bible, bookmarking it. It sat in front of his computer.

    Now get this.... in front of his house is a bunch of xmas wreaths(s?) and stuffed x-mas animals all over the front porch (in which case I found that to be odd because the winter weather will ruin the stuffed animals if they get constantly wet and freeze overnight from all this snow we've been getting) So I asked him if he's still a JW and he said yes and I asked how long and he said all his life.

    So I inquired about the xmas stuff all over his front porch and he said his wife likes to collect x-mas stuff but at the same time they don't celebrate x-mas. My mind was like "uh huh. Something doesn't jibe here".

    I think he doesn't celebrate it, but his wife may have either been DAed, DFed or faded. I didn't press on this because I don't want him to know about my knowledge of the JWs, so I'm gonna try and use whatever time I have left before I move out and see if I can plant any seeds of doubts with this guy and at the same time nose around some more to try and get more info.

    I noticed he has some DVDs from the library he took out and one thing I am totally unsure of is what sort of movies today's JWs do not or not allowed to watch?

    He had one copy called Bourne Identity and not sure if JWs are allowed to watch it because of violent contents.

    Well, crap, gotta go. Library lady told me to get off cuz other folks needs to use the computer and there's 6 computers available and all are occupied.

    I'll explain more about him later.

    Later guys.

    Edited: Ok I am back. What a hazzle that library lady was. Stupid one hour rule and I have to leave computer, wait for one to become available and turn my library card again so I can use a computer. Oh well.

    Ok the reason why I think he may be lurking because he has a computer with an internet connection and given the x-mas stuff laying around the front porch, it made me wonder if he lurks or posts here. Plus I think all this x-mas stuff outside of the house is so that when elders come by and inquires about it, they can say they threw it all out. Either that or the Elders did pay a visit and they tossed it all out on the front porch. But if they threw it all out, why aren't they all in the trash cans instead for today's pick up?

    Something is odd going on there.

    Any ideas what's up with all this?


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  • MegaDude

    This is from Yizuman's blog approximately a year ago. As you can see, he wastes no time asking for money there right off the bat there too. Draw your own conclusions, but it is apparent from reading the brief postings there this "person" has been mooching and begging from others for a while.


    :: Friday, February 01, 2002 ::

    Outta Gas!

    Well, my home is out of gas. No heat in the house at all. So my dad helped out with getting me a heater. He can't afford 300-400 bux to get gas filled back up in the tank. The heater is kinda ok.

    I'm flat broke. No money at all. No food in the house. Nuttin'.

    If I get hired at Wal-Mart after the interview on Monday, it'll be a while before I get a check, maybe 2 weeks at most. Will hafta see how soon I can get my first check.

    If anyone that is reading my blog and can help, please send me a email.

    I don't know what else to do.


  • Yizuman


    that was over a year ago.

    Talk about obsession! Sheesh!

    Is this Teenyuck on another account?

    Like I said before in my earlier postings, everyone is welcome to come and visit me. I am open to everyone.

    But that would mean finding out that I'm not the kind of person you think I am and it would ruin all your flaming fun.


  • nilfun

    I wish you luck...

    On the roomate thing...keep stuff separate as far as groceries, toiletries etc etc...have your own cabinets for your own stuff. I'm not saying don't share, I've had roomates and we've shared practically everything, but then, I'm a pretty easy-goin person. Your new roomate may not be.

    I know the big city sounds scary to you, but at least you are considering the idea. In a big city, the transportaion is a lot more accesible than in rural areas. Also, you might not feel/be as as isolated if you can build friendships for moral support when you need it...

  • wednesday


    i have never posted to u, but i wanted to say i am very sorry for the dire straits u are in now. how nice of the jw neighbor it help u. He's probably just a fringe jw, don't waste precious time on it, u have so many problems to deal with.


  • larc

    Are you getting food stamps and public assistance for housing yet? I am sure you qualify.

  • SheilaM


    After reading many earlier posts from you. I who have always been very supportive of your situation have this to say. When Thunder and I were first married we lived on $7.00 an hour I stayed home with two babies. Thunder knew we needed more and so took on two other jobs one pulling up Coke and one pulling up Pepsi (putting products on shelf). I knew he was working hisself to death so I would take my two babies and pull up when I could... Fast forward, Thunder was layed off back east due to a change in company structure THAT DAY he came home set up his own business called Valet Mechanic and when to people's homes and worked on their cars....In 95 Thunder was hit by a drunk Ass**** the wreck ruptured disks and herniated a few and tore his rotator cuff, I was working part time quit my job and went to work for Citibank Thunder was out of work over 6months (3 months from the wreck, then 3 recovering from the shoulder surgery he never had his back worked on and does pretty good now)

    My point is this things happen in all of the 19 years we have been together these are just a few things we have gone through. But we never would have wasted so much time notifying a forums when we could be using our energy to take care of ourselves. I don't want the come back "but I'm deaf". EVERYONE has problems some seen, some unseen, some tangible, some not. We both have suffered depression at different times etc. But NEVER, EVER would we have placed ourselves out there for pity or help. I thought maybe you were just venting at first but when I read your thread from December before I joined the forum, I "began to see with new eyes" so to speak. It's not that I don't believe you, I think there are many things going on in your life but I find myself amazed that you would constantly mention money and lack there of. To me a real man does anything he can to take care of himself and his own. I mean there is snow you say, shovel it. My Thunder has never ever asked anyone for anything and you know because of that we have always made it, it has made us stronger.

    As for your response to Mega, funny how anyone that doubts your sencerity is a troll, a poser or a liar. You even jumped all over Simon at the begining. What Mega is saying is you continually cry poverty it is happening now and happened then. Therefore your situation is called into question. That I believe is his point.

  • Brummie

    Yiz I'm sure things will work out for you if you try your hardest, dont take any of what I say as being nasty, I needed a kick up the ...when I was in dire straights. I didnt welcome it but I needed it. I havent called you names or downcried your deafness. I havent purposely been in flame wars with you or anyone here...though I do get tempted to rave.

    What happened to the room you were offered in WVirginia (Was it?), if you are so desperate you would take up the offer, you dont seem to mention the offers, you home in only on the problems.

    Dont stop posting, we need you here, who else are we going to kick upside the butt? *looks around for a few ideas*


    Editedto say:

    Bwhahahaahahahhaahahahah @ Petty, I just wouldnt have the heart, you dont get on my nerbs, and I take a size 11 shoe...naaah couldnt do it to your good self.

    I'm up on my posting limit, I swear I have only posted about 10 posts today...boohooo

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  • pettygrudger

    ooooh brummie - me me me <rhonda jumping up & down hands waving in air>

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