My head wont stop hurting

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  • Sirona

    I'm really suffering with incessant headaches. Why won't they stop?!

    It all started with this

    Nothing seems to be helping....


  • LB

    So where are you sitting medically now? Are there any treatments going on?

    I hope the pain goes away quickly Sirona. Was the jaw issue ever addressed?

  • shera

    I'm sorry to hear this.I wasn't around here when you were going threw this and I'm sorry if I missed any updates.(my mind has been gumbled lately)How did those tests turn out anyway?

    Have you gone to the doctors for more checkups? Do you have TMJ(think that is what it's called)or your jaw joints are out of place?I read they did x-rays on your jaw...but I know a few people who has some problems like this and it gives them head aches.Their joints in their jaws are desinagrating (sp) Sorry to sound so grim.

    I hope things get better for you soon.hugs to you.

  • calamityjane

    Sorry to hear of your pain Sirona. Shera asked whethey you might have TMJ problems (Temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction). This is something that I have had for years. And the headaches along with the jaw pain, which radiates into my shoulders is unbearable sometime. But I do have a bite splint that alleviates the pressure on the jaw joints. I may be way of base as to your pain, but my doctor also at one time prescribed a mild sleep prescription to relax me while I sleep so I wouldn't clamp down on my teeth, as that effects your jaw joints.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Vivamus

    Hey Sirona, having had daily migraines all my life [recently hopefully found the cause, lactose intolerance], I know how horrible it is. What kind of meds are you using now? When did the headaches start?


  • nilfun

    I don't have much in the way of suggestions for you, but I just wanted you to know that I hope you find relief and will start feeling better very soon.

  • JamesThomas
  • SheilaM


    I too had headaches such as yours, then a few weeks ago on a news show they did a story on rebound headaches. They said if you use painrelievers alot (more than two to three times a week) what happens is the pain comes back more often and more severe. I don't have a link or anything sorry. But I did stop my Tylenol usage and endured a week of headaches then shazammmmmmmm they went away. I even hesitated taking anymore when I had cramps but I did take them that day and had a headache the next day, but it went away. I hope this information is useful

    For those that have TMJ I had maxofacial surgery to correct mine, the broke the lower jaw moved it out slightly and viola pain gone. Mine was so bad I was developing arthritis in my right joint of my jaw which would lock at the most inappropriate times The surgery hurt like hell and took awhile to recover, green neck from bruising (lovely just lovely). But I had it done in 1994 and have been just dandy since, I had a headache EVERY day for years because of TMJ and I did grind my teeth fromt he pain. So to all of you that have it, surgery can work.

    (edited to add TMJ story since I'm outa posts)

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  • LyinEyes

    Sorry Sirona for the headaches. Headaches of all forms run from my mother's side of the family, and my poor 16 yr old son has all kinds too. We both have had these headaches since we were 9 or younger and so did my mom and her mom.... yuk. I have TMJ also. I have the bad habit of griding my teeth, and as a baby I chipped two teeth with this nervous habit. I found out I had TMJ when I was in 9th grade and the reason was because my jaws locked in place I couldnt not open my mouth..........((( ok ok ,,no jokes there hahaa)) I had to be on prednisone for 10 days to get that taken care of before they could fit me with an appliance to make my bite better. I have had many of them,and they always get broken. One time my dog ate one too.

    I don't wear one now , but I do take a medication to keep me from grinding my teeth at night and it helps with the muscle pain I have too. The headaches from TMJ can be almost like a migraine,because alot of times one jaw joint is worse than the other. So the pain is worse on that side. It hurt down my neck , my shoulders and I felt so ill. I still get a rare attack of it if I get out in the cold wind sometimes.

    I hope you find out what is causing your headaches, please let us know, in the meantime try to baby yourself to ease some stress you have. Hot bubble baths are good( sitting in hot water, makes the blood leave the head and go to your other extreamities, you can just soak you feet in hot water for this effect too), lay down in a dark cool room. Hot tea( w/caffenine) , heating pad on your neck if it is tension headache. Some times an icepack with a washcloth covering you jaw joint can help alot too.

    ((((((((((((Hugs Sirona,,,,,,,,, I hate that you are hurting , hon)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Sirona

    Thanks for your comments everyone.

    LB. Medically now....well I've been cleared of the cancer as far as they know, I've got another checkup on the 20th of this month (it was November when I was last seen). I had a brain scan at the end of last year, so I'm pretty confident that the headaches are not something more serious.

    I'm also seeing a dental specialist. They gave me a "splint" to put in at night which is supposed to cushion the jaw. They suspect that if the pain continues I will need both bottom wisdom teeth removing. (my next appointment is April so I'm starting to think thats too far away!). I'm also worried about having more surgery. I've had 3 general anaesthetics over the last year and I'm sure its not doing me any good, I've not felt really that well for months now. Plus I'm terrified because last time I had a horrendous infection caused at the hospital and couldn't eat or speak for over a week (it was the worst physical pain I've ever had to go through).

    Shera, I'm not sure *what* the name of it is. They've said theres too much pressure on the jaw joint, and offered me a splint, thats about it.

    Calamityjane, I do have pain which goes down my neck. Also, I have popping in my ears whenever I swallow anything which they say is related to the jaw (nothing wrong with my ears although often it feels like earache). Thanks for the information and the name of it, I will ask at my next appointment if thats what I've got.

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