Does anyone have these comedy films...

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    There is a movie that I saw that made me laugh and laugh.

    I would love to get my hands on a copy of "Goin' South" with Jack Nicholson.

    It was a show about a fussy frigid woman who "bought" a man from an execution by hanging, to be her husband.

    She had another agenda, though. . . and treated him really shabby. He had another agenda, too, rather than being a husband.

    Has anyone seen it? Does anyone have a copy? 'Cuz I'd sure love to get my hands on a copy.

    Thanks in advance,


  • TresHappy

    The Gods Must Be Crazy shows on IFC quite a bit. If you have satellite, you know this station. It shows a lot of interesting and off beat movies.

  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea

    have you seen "Top Secret"?

    OMG, I have met very few people who've seen this movie. I think this is one of the first, if not the first movie that Val Kilmer ever starred in. I love the part with Nigel and the cow...

    Bona Dea I have had my brother looking through all the video stores in Birmingham and I have searched in the South West. Couldnt get them until I found the above Url today. Its cost me just 9 pounds to get them both sent via mail. I get them Monday or Tuesday, yipeee

    I don't know how much 9 pounds equates to in US money but last summer one of our video stores sold out to a different company and sold a lot of their older movies that didn't rent well or ones that they had more than one copy of. I remember seeing one of the gods must be crazy movies (can't remember which) and I don't recall why I didn't get it...but it was like $.99. I bought a bunch of movies then but I didn't get that one...

    I'm glad you found it.


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  • jws

    I remember seeing both "Gods must be crazy" films when I was in my late teens. I found them hysterical back then and thought the first one was the funniest film I had ever seen. I also remember nearly peeing my pants at the Monty Python films Live at the Hollywood Bowl and Holy Grail. Now I look at those films and, while I still like them, can't see what was all *that* hysterical about them.

    Have the Gods movies stood the test of time? Are they still as funny to an adult as they were back then to a teen? Or having seen it already (as with any comedy) are they not quite as funny anymore?

    To those that found it, was it available on DVD (I have region free, so doesn't matter the region).

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