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  • JT

    thanks for those who may not know who "YOU KNOW" is ck the old post

    thanks everyone, i was just wondering cause his post were so much alike-

    for along time i thought YK was one of the boys from the Big House, just messing with us here on the net, but someone on the board IDed who he was as well as his congo and threaten to turn him in to his elders and he almost FREAKED out

    well thanks again,

    i have always loved jw like - e-watchman, they truly make the wt look foolishe

  • AlanF

    I'm morally certain that E-Watchman is our old friend Bobby You Don't Know. However, on a thread about a month ago, someone claimed they knew for certain that it was someone else. If so, then one of them is a clone of the other. Scary! I don't know this someone else, so I don't know if they know what they're talking about.


  • JT

    hi alan

    i was thinking the same thing man-

    hey it is butt cold out here in DC- the have really stepped up sercurity out here around all Federal buildings, kinda dumb i would say since most most preious thing thier kids-- the school don't have steel and concrete barricads in front of them,hotels, malls, hospitals and most biz----------- you can just walk right in with a nice size backpack and cause some serious damage

    so while th capitol police is our in full force there are so many bridges and over passes that are just waiting for a Fool with a cause

  • teejay

    Last response when I tried to visit the site:


    Not Found

    The requested URL /(EmptyReference!) was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Apache/1.3.26 Server at www.e-watchman.com Port 80
  • Kenneson


    I had no problem.


  • ballistic

    I made the point to You Know that he was promoting OUR interests. Maybe he finally accepted this.

  • expatbrit

    Whois gives a Toronto address for the registrant. Walter Reyes. Anyone heard of him?


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