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  • JT

    Is e-Watchman "YOU KNOW"

    i went back into some of my archives and so many of the statements on that site are almost word for word/ context as what YK used to post here

    just asking


  • stichione

    Who's YK?

  • unclebruce

    is E-watchman really a who knows what? .. you're confusing me jt .. i mean i don't even think you know who is you knows real name

    unclebruce (who wouldn't follow YK to Fort knox even if he showed me the key lol.)

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    You Know was an arrogant Jehovah's Witness (also anointed?) who used to post here until the Kingdom Ministry came out last autumn and reinforced the ban on talking with former JWs. He was fond of making predictions that never came true and seemed especially concerned that the financial markets were being controlled by Satan. Of all the Witnesses and Witness apologists who have posted here, he was arguably the most intelligent and persistent.

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  • NewLight2

    YK =You Know/ = "Robert xxxx"

    Check the archives, and you will soon find out who is?

  • D8TA

    Of all the Witnesses and Witness apologists who have posted here, he was arguably the most persistent.*

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  • unclebruce

    Dear stichione,

    YouKnow is a W.B.T.S. defender par suckilance. He drolls, he trolls, he writes long boring pages attacking strawmen and flatulant arguments of his own invention (not that he has anything interesting or unique to say) YK has a hard won reputation as the most longwinded blathering imbecilic watchtower goon ever to attempt justifying the society against the internet avalanche of pure apostate truth and independant freedom.

    In short - the guy's a nasty nutter (slurps and swallows the memorial wine too

    cheers, unclebruce

  • czarofmischief

    He's full of himself and sure of his own righteousness - he's got a real calvinist streak when it comes to the rest of us, however, assuring me that unless I attain perfection quickly it will be too late. He makes some astounding predicitions that might sway some unsteady ones with their boldness and directness, however, his research methods are... strange... because they rapidly devolve into conspiracy theories.

    He seems to delight in issuing forth proclamations against the watchtower, which he still claims represents God's people. He says JW's are definitely God's people, but that they are also going to suffer divine wrath. He wants it two ways.

    A nut, a well-written nut, but a nut.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi JT,

    I took the opportunity a couple of months back to write to E-Watchman and ask a couple of questions. His replies were coherent and to the point, and he didn't mention Lyndon LaRouche once.

    If E-Watchman is YouKnow, then one of those two personas is putting on a hell of an act!

    I'm inclined not to worry over much about WHO some apostate is, because I am certain that they are working in their own way against the Anti-Truth Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.

    More power to us all!

  • logansrun

    F Wathcman!

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