Has your name or reputation been maligned by the Witness gossip-mill?

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  • Rainbow_Troll
    I'm breaking my heart night and day thinking about the loss of the loving people who now shun me! :smile: :smile: As long as they keep showing love to concealed paedophiles in their cult - that's the important thing.

    It's a perfect example of how religion skews the internal moral compass. Granted, there are radically differing conceptions of right and wrong among various cultures and even between individuals, but regardless of that, most people still have (for lack of a better word) a hierarchy of values. For example: most people will at least give lip service to the idea that lying is wrong, yet no one would condemn those Germans who hid jews from the Nazis as a bunch of liars. In most hierarchies of value, respect for life trumps the obligation to tell the truth.

    Apostasy may or may not be wrong, but to treat apostates worse than child abusers is really another way of saying that it's more important to believe the right doctrines than respect the bodily integrity of children (or adults for that matter).

    "Oh, but the child abuser has repented. And if the apostate would only repent too, he would be forgiven and treated just as well as the child abuser."

    So there you have it: we're not being shunned for our sins, but for our lack of repentance.

  • Vidiot

    Not so far for me and mine.

    But then, we keep a (relatively) low profile.

    That might change after my devout JW mom eventually passes.

  • ToesUp

    Yes...I am sure the gossipers have had their say about me and my family. The thing is...We don't care anymore! We are free, they are stuck in a cult. Ha ha...sucks to be them!

  • freemindfade

    Several times

  • Tallon

    I've been inactive and haven't been to meetings for going on 3 years. Has my name / reputation been maligned?

    I don't know; and to be honest, I couldn't care.

  • schnell

    Sure. On the bright side, I'm no longer one of the weirdos at work and my relationship with certain co-workers has vastly improved.

    My friends, OTOH, shunned me because I asked if the us-and-them mentality is healthy and I put a "spotlight" on the ARC report. They didn't like that? Tough.

  • minimus

    I'm sure. But who cares!?

  • Phizzy

    The rumour went around that I had left to start my own religion a couple of years after I left. I guess that is all they could think of as my totally debauched life and my serial killing were unknown to them. LOL.

    They simply cannot face the fact that the only reason I left was I am a lover of Truth, and what they have is totally the opposite of truth.

  • LongHairGal


    When I was in, I worked full-time and was gossiped about in car groups by these hypocrites....Married women with "worldly" husbands and comfortable lives were part of the gossip mill along with other fools who didn't work for whatever reason....If these stupid women didn't have a man supporting them, they would be screaming. But, yet they talked about me.

    But, I have no regrets now all these years later and am glad I never followed the BS....Good riddance to this insanity.

    If JWs started to show an interest now, I would get worried. They are looking for money and women to do favors.

  • Felix Packer
    Felix Packer

    The car story reminds me of a time when I was new and naive. I was accussed of having too much head knowledge, so I thought, maybe its time I fixed this and started doing the opposite ie. pulling things out of my ar..

    So once I suspected something was amiss, and for some strange reason some sister changed groups and wanted to join us in the car for revisits. The good thing these days is that almost every device is a sound recorder. After saying trying to find out something about me, unussuccessfully, I should add, I left the phone recording while my wife and I were on a visit. You should hear the things that those two were talking about and how many horrible things they were saying. Over the course of the following few weeks I made sure everyone got to know about what she said about them, indirectly, via a trusted gossip. Needless to say she couldn't figure out why she was ostracised for the next couple of years.

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