1919.WTBS Inc.'s holy year!

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  • LDH


    You are a true gem. I only hope there are some reading who will truly ... 'get the sense of it.'


  • blackguard

    Hi Mac,
    No, unfortunately none are the quote I've been seeking. 1975 was specifically mentioned as a date when the USSR was expected to conquer a decadent USA. Thank you for your efforts.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    Just a few words,

    Refiners fire:

    "If their "Favoured status was restored" then they must have had a previous favoured status , yes? Well if they had that, why did they go to captivity. Lol. But I like this quote, it clearly reflects the "demand for purity" that often follows prophetic disappointment. New purified teachings, lost since apostolic times, are revealed to the disappointed "

    Brilliant and logical comment, using the WTBS Inc.’s printed words.

    It is on this line of thought that I do my researches, hoping that

    following the - chronology of events – from its starting point, one would really see how and where the WTBS Inc. is really wrong, contradicts previous statements, writes plain and straight lies, shows hupocrisy etc.

    Minimus: thank for commenting. . As for :

    " ..what difference does it make?"

    I'm sure that among all those who read the posts, someone will find very

    interesting and maybe useful.

    Lisa: thanks for your appreciative comment.

    "I only hope there are some reading who will truly ... 'get the sense of it.'

    It is my hope too.

    Blackguard: I'll try again to find the quote.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

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