1919.WTBS Inc.'s holy year!

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  • Gopher

    Don't you know, the light was DIM in 1919, and got brighter and brighter as the years went on? So steadily Jehovah has guided his people so that THEY are always right!! How dare anyone say they were impure, .. they were , um, just waiting for better teachings to appear. And voila, Jehovah gave them that!

    What a miracle, that Jehovah has guided Bible Students--later Jehovah's Witnesses, into PRESENT TRUTH.

    Never mind that what was taught in Rutherford's era is now completely discredited. It was the truth for that time!!

    You see Jehovah is a very tricky God. First he tells his servant one thing (example... the "generation" about which Jesus spoke is a period equivalent to one lifetime) and then later decides to tell his servant something altogether different (the generation is a wicked group of people living at the time of the great tribulation).

    You can't keep up with Jehovah's thinking? It's your own fault. You sound like an apostate.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello again,

    To Ozziepost, ISP, RevMalk, Gpher,

    Thanks for your appreciative comments.

    (Ozziepostmany quotes , as usual in WTBS Inc.'

    world, state ... simply the opposite of the previous one ).

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • blackguard

    Hi Mac, Thanks for the info. I propose that the agenda of the modern corporate watchtower is tied to its history. For example; you introduced Russell's pyramid theology and the sun disk. The myths of the sun disk are connected to a large stellar body which makes regular journey into our solar system. Compare Mat 24:29 This large stellar body seems to come out the Orion constellation and darkens the sun; its blood-red color is seen in the moon's reflective light and meteorites pepper the earth during close flybys. It apparently causes the earth to vibrate on its axis. Orion is next to the Taurus constellation with The Plieades; the Great Triangle of Sirius,Procyon and Betelgeuse is beside Orion. It is not without significance that Russells' light-house watchtower resembles the FreeMasonic tarot card light-house because the watch tower is a symbol of Illuminism, the restoration of the preflood Golden Age where spirit Watchers acted as Big Brother over humanity. Russell apparently knew about the movement of the large stellar body; his theology of the rapture in 1881 or 1883 seems related to his suspicion of its return in those years. He may have been 120 years out. The image of a watchtower on the magazine bearing the same name is a subliminal reminder that the watchtower corporation is still a champion, not of God's New Earth, but of the pagan, luciferian plan to forge a totalitarian New World or New System of Things. If the watchtower is pagan one should expect an orwellian culture replete with demon phobia, corporate scandals, pedophilia, immorality, doublethink, authoritarian governance and an elitist mentality with the rank and file treated as serfs, etc.. Think about it.

  • sf


    "I propose that the agenda of the modern corporate watchtower is tied to its history."

    I accept that proposal. When do we 'wed'?!

    Seriously, that train Russy was on is still moving ahead...see It? It's 'as if' his spirit never died and is engineering it's Kollision.

    Ah yes, Korporate Watchtower indeed.

    By the way, I enjoy all of your submissions here. Thank you for being Alive!


  • blackguard

    Hi sKally, Before we wed, don't you think we should first date? To the contrary, I have been enjoying your posts; I appreciate the information you share. Yes, I see the WTS as marxist, much the same as the so-called democracies. I suspect that the so-called democracies will be melded together with the marxist states formerly known as the Soviet bloc. But let me ask you a couple of questions now that you raise the Commie issue. Do you remember the watchtower quoting, I recall, Nikita Kruschev (it might've been another USSR leader) stating that the USSR would 'conquer' the west by 1975?(this quote was sometime back in the early 70's) And what significance do you place on the watchtower's circa 1992 comments in a prophecy exegesis of the king of the north/south that the USSR/Russia would revive? And what do you know about the "when" factor regarding the large stellar body which contemporary scientists believe is a brown dwarf?


  • MacHislopp

    Hello Blackguard,

    thanks for your interesting comments. I'll make a research.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • sf

    Hello again,

    "Do you remember the watchtower quoting, I recall, Nikita Kruschev (it might've been another USSR leader) stating that the USSR would 'conquer' the west by 1975?(this quote was sometime back in the early 70's) "

    I do not. I do not recall much of the WT propoganda being taught then. Just that I neede to stay loyal to 'jehovah' in order that I'd be healed by 'Him'. I was disfellowshipped just a few years after my 'submission' (baptism). I have zero recall on that entire episode in my life...the baptism and what ultimately lead me down that path. Most likely, it was the elders instilling F.E.A.R. in me and who knows what they were pumping into my mothers head and spirit(uality). [ WE CAN NOW SEE SUCH THRU THE 'FLOCK BOOK' ONLINE NOW]

    "what significance do you place on the watchtower's circa 1992 comments in a prophecy exegesis of the king of the north/south that the USSR/Russia would revive?"

    I must admit my ignorance here. I have no comment. What I can say, as my thoughts circulate, is that any dates re: the early 1990's and the WTBTS and political, military documents, etc. ARE significant, to me. No further comment here.

    "And what do you know about the "when" factor regarding the large stellar body which contemporary scientists believe is a brown dwarf?


  • MacHislopp

    Hello blackguard,

    Ive found most of the quotes on the Soviet leader Nikita S. Khrushchev

    *** w57 4/1 203 Communist Hypocrisy *** Communist Hypocrisy

    Why do we not declare in our program that we are atheists? asked Nikolai Lenin in 1905. The Communists, of course, thought they would get more adherents by not advertising their atheism. But when it suits them and when it makes their propaganda more effective, Communists do not hesitate to call on God. Recently Soviet leader Nikita S. Khrushchev said that though Stalin made mistakes, they had not been essential, and asked that God grant that every Communist should be able to fight like Stalin. Khrushchevs calling on God to make all Communists like Stalin prompts the quoting of a passage from Robert E. Sherwoods book RooseveltandHopkins: Suddenly Stalin exclaimed, May God help this enterprise to succeed! (The translation of this remark, as given by Churchill to Roosevelt, was: May God prosper this undertaking!) I have been told that it was by no means unusual for Stalin, who had been educated for a time in a religious seminary, to invoke the aid of the Deity. Hypocrisy knows no boundaries in the realm of communism

    *** w58 6/1 349 The Kremlin and the Vatican *** The Kremlin and the Vatican

    Russias Nikita Khrushchev, an atheist, recently granted an interview to the Hearst Newspapers editor-in-chief, William Randolph Hearst. At the close of the interview the Soviet leader said that God is but a mask put on by some people whose actions are contrary to humanism. Khrushchev continued: They lean on the word of God and then violate it. How can we understand it when churchmen, clergymen, throw holy water on guns that are intended to kill people? Is that the highest showing of mans spirit? God is being used by these people for hire. They are Pharisees.

    *** w60 8/1 451 Do You Turn the Other Cheek? *** Since 1914 the world has had a new character . . . it closed a long era of general peace and began a new age of violence, according to H. R. Trevor-Roper, don at Oxford University. Hand in hand with the age of violence came a new set of standards of conduct: Swindle others before they swindle you. Get everything you can, and preserve everything you get. Fight fire with fire. People have come to be governed by these standards; they are looked on as being more practical. Nikita Khrushchev recently commented on his view of Christs teachings and particularly what he thought about turning the other cheek. I dont agree with turning the other cheek. If I was struck on the left cheek I would strike the fellow back on the right so hard, what is more, that I would knock his block off.

    *** w61 7/1 389 Born to Believe in God *** MEN were born to think about God. They were created to worship and serve their Creator exclusively. This fact the Bible makes clear. (Ex. 20:2-5) Therefore, no matter how hard some men try to dismiss God from their minds, God has a way of coming to the fore in their thoughts.

    For example, hardened materialists, such as Russias Nikita Khrushchev and others, quite regularly bring up the subject of God even though they say they do not believe. When the Soviet rockets and earth satellites penetrated outer space, Y. T. Fadeyev, head of the Russian scientific-atheistic section of the journal ScienceandLife, in a speech said: The fact that satellites and rockets have not detected the All-Highest, angels and so on, bears testimony against religious convictions and strengthens disbelief in God.

    One is almost forced to laugh at the childishness of such arguments, because what adult would expect rockets or satellites to search out supernatural angelic creatures or detect evidences of the Almighty Spirit? As Jesus Christ said: God is a Spirit, and those worshiping him must worship with spirit and truth. Yet from this report it is evident that these materialists do think about God, whether they believe in him or not.John 4:24.

    *** w66 10/15 625 What Has God's Kingdom Been Doing Since 1914? *** But what has Gods Messianic kingdom done about this since 1914? It has protected its anointed ambassadors. Adolf Hitler tried to kill them off in his Greater German Reich. Benito Mussolini tried to suppress them in the then Fascist Italy. Joseph Stalin and Nikita Khrushchev tried to put them out of action in Communist Russia, and other dictatorial rulers and states have tried to do the same in their lands. But thousands of these anointed ambassadors, who have heavenly citizenship, have survived till today and are still active, working for the reconciliation of the estranged peoples. Gods Messianic kingdom has preserved them!

    w74 12/15 761-2 Benefits and Rewards from Being Spiritually Secure *** True to prediction, these false Christs have risen up, not particularly in the form of individual men, but in political and economic systems to whom Messianic powers have been ascribed and through which Messianic blessings were expected. For example, as when Nikita Khrushchev promised that Russian Communism of his brand would establish paradise for the people. And how could we ever forget that, in December of 1918, the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America hailed the proposed League of Nations as the political expression of the Kingdom of God on earth?

    Anything that might interest you??

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    ...."Starting in 1919 a similar change was experienced by the Israel of God. during the first world war, anointed Christians appeared to be disowned by God. But in 1919 their favored status was restored, and their way of worship, purified. This affected their teachings, their organization, and their activity".....

    If their "Favoured status was restored" then they must have had a previous favoured status , yes? Well if they had that, why did they go to captivity. Lol. But I like this quote, it clearly reflects the "demand for purity" that often follows prophetic disappointment. New purified teachings, lost since apostolic times, are revealed to the disappointed church.

  • minimus

    Mac, after reading all your research, I am left with the thought that if the Society suddenly backed off 1919 and inserted 1999 instead, it wouldn't matter to the average Witness. They do it everytime. All they have to say to the gullible rank and file is that since they are mere imperfect men that they should be EXPECTED to make mistakes (since they are not perfect). Your research is good but what difference does it make?

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