The Reign of Amaygadala

by SheilaM 12 Replies latest social entertainment

  • SheilaM

    Big Tex: Thanks so muchI'm glad you enjoyed it. I have always been so secretive with my writing (only for family) that I freak easily having it OUT there LOL

    Utopian: Thanks for the tea advice LOL The novelist is my Thunder Rider (Chris) on the Thunder Rider's Burden if that's what you mean. I wrote this one thoughand I have been working on a novel for over two years LOL But alas that will take me forever to finish.

    Thanks for the support and glad you enjoyed it.

  • Banshee

    Sheila: LMAO!!!! That was f***in' hilarious! What a terrific portrayal of PMS. You have a wild imagination...I like it! So it is that horrid ol' Amaygadala causing me all of the trouble and the obscene gestures, eh? LOL

    You keep on writing, girly!

  • SheilaM

    Thanks BansheeI am so happy everyone has enjoyed it!!!!!!

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