JWs Must Give Up KISSING - NOW!

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  • rocketman

    xjw b12 - good one! You too LB. Funny post by Francois.

  • Francois

    Well, LB, remember that er, um, gasp, choke, that certain erm, uh, forms of foreplay are, shall we say, cherished, nay, lusted after, by both the male and female and have neither one to do with intromission - however there is a considerable amount of the secretion of, ah, precisous bodily fluids. And I, for one, am not about to give up either the gettin' nor the receivin' of this form of foreplay even though it can and does release - apparently - plenty of, well, plasma. I guess the old farts did not take their arguments to their final conclusion. But when did they ever?

    Using the WT logic, ALL SEX MUST STOP NOW, IMMEDIATELY, EL QUICKO, on account of this plasma stuff. And we all should know, if the soul is in ANYTHING, its in some of them fluids associated with doin' that wild thang.

    We gottem by the short curlies boys, never give a sucker an even break.


  • DJ

    Very good work Francois. I have no idea how they can possibly get around this one. It is even more like "eating blood" than a transfusion of plasma. I mean it actually goes into the mouth and is swallowed. I will try to get a copy of the magazine. Someday, I'm sure it will come in handy to scare a dubby away. Hey, do you have a website for the magazine? Nice to see ya again...Love, Dj

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    Francios: i can see the new wt now!!!! the great crowd can now no longer kiss.. we did not see it before ... but it is new light ... doctors have proven that saliva is plasma.... but we wrote this in a wt in 1906.. so be sure to check it out ,,, if you can find it,,,haha but it's there this is the words of god's sprit directed org... yes the light has flashed again, so if you did this in the past you haVE 6 months to be fateful to jehovah ... as jehovah has not been so clear on this before. you will be happy to know that the light is getting brighter prov 4:18 but keep in mind that jehovah as of yet have not said nothing , about kissing the asses of the fds mt 24:45 ...... so hence get on your knees and lick up all the [email protected]@t from the fds , a fate ful christian never goes AHEAD OF JEHOVAH.... john

  • jesussaves

    Here is the article from discover.com. Do a search on plasma and saliva and you'll pull the article right up

    R&D News of science, medicine, and technology

    Beyond Breathalyzer

    by Fenella Saunders

    When police in the United States pull over a driver on suspicion of "driving under the influence," about half the time that influence turns out to be illegal drugs. Proving the presence of drugs requires a blood test that takes weeks to analyze. So LifePoint, a medical diagnostics company in California, has developed a way to test for up to 10 drugs in five minutes by examining saliva.

    "Basically your saliva is made from plasma, the liquid portion of blood," says Linda Masterson, president of LifePoint. Measuring the drug levels in spit, along with its acidity, can provide an accurate read of the dose present in a person's bloodstream. LifePoint's device uses a pump to draw saliva into 10 columns, each containing an antibody that reacts with a specific drug. If any of that substance is present, the antibody binds to the drug and releases a fluorescent compound. This process, invented by the Navy, was used to search for airborne particles from chemical weapons during the Gulf War. LifePoint's Impact system has undergone pilot trials in 10 countries and is now being tested in the United States.


    "Beyond Breathalyzer." See more details about the device at www.lifepointinc.com.

    To learn more about the technology behind the LifePoint device, see the U.S. patents by Frances S. Ligler, et al.: "Flow Immunosensor Method and Apparatus," February 2, 1993, patent number 5,183,740. "Flow Immunosensor Apparatus," June 12, 2001, patent number 6,245,296. Both are available at techtransfer.nrl.navy.mil/intellectual.php or www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html.

    Frances S. Ligler's Web page has more on optical biosensors: cbmsews1.nrl.navy.mil/fsl.

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