This is serious I REPEAT! This is corny.

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    please excuse all typo's

    For those who can play and be "objectional" Please Fill in the blanks

    I posted this in the Micheal/Jesus thread, but since that thread is so hudge, and someone elses anyway, not to mention a more serious threadI thought I would see if I could get any reaction from a new thread.

    If anyone is interested

    The question is:

    Who Is Micheal?

    What is his relationship to Jesus?

    The names have been changed to protect the innocent,

    Long ago and far away...

    The universe is the "Big Bonanza"

    The Heavens and the earth, is a "little Bonanza" (or an an erector set)

    The Father is Ben, Pa, God

    The first two sons (or creations) are Adam and Hoss (guess Hoss has to be the son (creation) gone bad, just fake it.Also, just pretend he was second. The only creation relevant right now is the first)

    Honorable Adam


    Handsome Hoss

    As the story goes,

    Ben gives to the Honorable first creation, Adam a gift. He calls it "Little Bonanza" (His first erector set if you will)

    Adam takes great pride in his new project, and with the approval of his father, begins to mold it into something unique and wonderful.

    There are many creatures occupying Little Bonanza now, but something is still missing. His father suggests, since he himself knows the satisfaction and joy that comes with giving, why not pass this on. So begins the creation of man. This will be the grandest of all on Little Bonanza and will carry the gift of creation and giving with it as well, on a smaller scale of course.

    Handsome Hoss Gets really upset! Jealous! Handsome Hoss wanted it all for him self, wanted to be worship by it, but was denied. He plots to ruin the gift Ben gave Adam and make a mockery of it.

    After pushing Bens buttons to their limits, and proving he is hopeless, he is exiled, disowned, thrown out and declared no longer part of the family. A disgrace!

    Hoss decides to make his own family (gang) and uses his cunning to entice the dumber angels (perhaps ones he created or perhaps ones he was able to turn bad) takes them with him and vows to spend the rest of his existence plotting destruction and havoc all over Little Bonanza. What else is there to do?

    Well, Little Bonanza has become a complete mess, looking hopeless beyond repair, something must be done to save it or father Ben will destroy it. It is a mess, and a sore spot on the Big Bonanza. It has become ugly, as did Hoss. Hoss has taken it away from Adam using nothing more then persuasion.

    Adam loves his Little Bonanza and wants to keep it and prove it is worth the trouble of restoring, and can be something to be proud of; despite the joke that Hoss has gone and made of it.

    Adam asks his Father to please, allow him to save Little Bonanza, save the humans who have not been beguiled by Hoss, and have not become ugly with him.

    Even though there are only a few, he wants to save them and prove Hoss was wrong and stupid, restoring the integrity to the gift that was given to him by his father.

    So begins the quest to save Little Bonanza.

    Father, Ben, decides there is only one way to save Little Bonanza AND be sure that it will be worthy of keeping it's place in the universe (Big Bonanza). Otherwise, it will only be a constant battle and will never live up to the highest of standards in order to continue as a creation of pride. We must rid Little Bonanza of every single thorn and weed and even the tiniest of seeds that will produce thorns and weeds in the future. Once this is done, and nothing else remains that Hoss can contaminate, then Hoss and all the creatures of the Universe will see, (raises sword high) evil will be conquered by good! Then you, Adam, may have the honor of ridding the universe of Hoss and is gang once and for all.

    The creations (humans) that occupy Little Bonanza are not mere marbles, or even fish, they can make decisions for themselves and chose what they want to do. For this reason it is not a simple matter of just picking out the dull ones and saving the shinny ones. They each must decide what they "want" to be. After all, Hoss was the shiniest of creations and look at what happened to him. The decision must be within each of them. What shines must come from the heart, not the exterior.

    The honorable son, Adam tells his father, "I will go down to Little Bonanza and talk to them and tell them about you and our plan." You will see what is in each heart.

    "We will give them Time" father says.

    So begins the equation that will establish the time to restore Little Bonanza. Once completely restored, it will be occupied by humans of the utmost integrity, and when complete, Adam may personally rub Hosss face in it before he gets rid of him for good.

    And they will live happily ever after.


    Where and when does Little Joe enter the picture? (Jesus)

    Name them

    Ben = Father = Most High = ___________

    Adam = first creation = ____________

    Hoss = a creation = Satan = ____________

    Little Joe = Jesus = perfect son, born of man = sent by God = That we all have agreed on...for the most part.

    Michael = _____________

    When is the word "son" establish? _____________

    When is the word "creation" established? _______________

    When is "The Word" established? ___________ ( I say when the "decission" was made to send a saviour to Little Bonanza)

    Did "The Word" exist in the heavenly realm? __________

    Was "The Word" established as the tool to be used to restore Little Bonanza? ____________

    If yes, who would operate this tool? Be this tool? ___________

    edited for clean up

    At least give it a try!

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    ----------------------------------I purposely did not use either names in the story----------------------------

    Since I hit my limit on elsewheres thread,now that the postings have lowered, and this thread isn't getting any replies anyway,

    I'll post my valentine here. lol

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