Current week long Elders school. Outlines / talks?

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  • stuckinarut2

    So in my part of the world, they are currently holding the week long elders schools. My father is attending one.

    Does anyone (hello wifi bandit?!😉) have the program, talk outlines or content?

    I would love to be familiar enough with it so I can open a discussion with him...


  • stuckinarut2


    I would love to see the details of this school...

    I mean, what can they seriously talk about for 5 days straight?

    Apparently the "pre-study" he had to do took him DAYS!

  • sparrowdown

    I'm sure some good person will spill the beans on their special school before too long.

    My guess would be "Elders: why they should be loved, obeyed, confessed to and treated special."

  • smiddy3

    I mean, what can they seriously talk about for 5 days straight?

    Day 1 : They can go over the "truths" they had with C.T.Russell

    Day 2: They can go over the Nu Lite they had with J.F Rutherford

    Day 3: They have the New nu-Lite under N.H.Knorr

    Day 4: Exciting revelations they had with F.W.Franz that had the R&F in high expectations of Jehovah`s purpose about to be had.

    Day 5 :We are cutting back on Mags.& halving their content ,no longer printing bound books including the yearbook,no more calendars,booklets or pamphlets,selling off our properties in downtown New York ,getting rid of missionary`s ,Bethelite`s ,Co`s , Do`s ,to a lesser degree ,selling off Branches and staff , selling KH`s and combining the existing KH`s making the R&F travel further than they did before.

    But don`t despair Jehovah has blessed us with not one but two white elephants according to ex-JW`s.

    One in Chelmford UK and the other in Walkill N.Y. these two are going to be used so much when the New System so close at hand becomes a reality .

    One can just fell the love of Jehovah In these blessed times.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    We will probably get it on here first.

  • zeb

    day1, 2 + 3 will be combined into days 1. the following week will have;

    • Two day crash course on Introduction to Interpersonal skills. Professional actors will be employed.(Examinable or 'E*) by professional teacher.
    • lectures by Detectives from Sexual Assault squad. (E)
    • A realistic first aid over view dealing with major trauma, wounds, birth. (E)
    • lecture from WT financial dept explaining where all the $$ has gone.
    • Language studies based on the Oxford/Websters where English is the predominant language so previous wt made up words will no longer be used.(E)
    • Introduction to the new song book. This will be called the Hymn book and feature hymns vibrant full of warmth and tuned within the singing level of the average person and completely removed from the broken gated style of the now former songs.
    • A new plan to encourage the learning or music by anyone who will put in the practice.(not just elders offspring and taught by professional teachers and paid for by the wt HQ.

    Announcements: will cover the creation of all 'public talks' to be no longer than 20 minutes.

    meetings One per week to be no longer than I hour en toto.

    Elders to be strongly advised that there is no need to sum up meetings in any final prayer that needs to be brief. Those not knowing what brief is check with dictionaries (supplied).

    any more! Positive input is welcome...

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Since when our elders school 5 days long? When I was in I could hardly stand the 2 day weekend elder school. Maybe the extra days are to teach them how to squeeze more money out of the flock. Still Totally ADD

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes ADD, I am also surprised that it is 1 week long!

    Hopefullly none of the window cleaning elders would lose income during that time. Ah, but of course, the Society would help them out with expenses after all...right? 😳

  • _Morpheus

    Are we sure there is a week long km school? Even pioneer school isnt a week long anymore

  • stuckinarut2

    I did email my father the official findings report last week from the Australian Royal Commission , and said calmly to him "oh I thought you might like to be aware of these official governmental findings so that when the Elders school addresses the need for reform in dealing with such cases, you would have the details close to hand..."

    He didn't bite....

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