Is Ray Franz a Buddhist?

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  • jazbug

    There's a rumor circulating around Atlanta that Ray is a Buddhist...does anyone know if there is any truth to that???????????

  • Celia

    Bwaaahahahaaaaha hahaha ha ha.......

    That's my reaction, but I am sure other posters will have a better answer to your question

  • minimus

    I think the false rumor was that he was a nudist.

  • Introspection

    Who cares? Well, I'm sure some do, but do you know him personally? What would that change except your view of who you think he is?

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    Is that supposed to say something about the many other ex-JWs out there, just because he happens to be one? My guess is you're you, Ray is Ray, whatever you call yourself.

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  • gsx1138

    Who gives a rats ass? What if he was a Muslim would that make some kind of difference?

  • Gopher

    The name of his second book wasn't "In search of Buddhist Freedom". LOL

  • ikhandi

    yall are a trip on here. I could personally care less what the hell he does. He ain't doing a damn thing for me

  • MegaDude

    I think that rumor started when he was seen wearing his old orange bathrobe. lol.

    Many, many rumors have circulated about Ray Franz, which I won't repeat here. Most are mean-spirited and designed to smear this good man's reputation.

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins

    Maybe they were thinking of Richard Gere.


  • herk

    I heard that rumour when I was still a JW about ten years ago. As I see it, it was started by some JW as another attempt to further besmirch so-called "apostates." Repeating it only serves to encourage JWs.

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