"Overlapping Generation" is a "Spiritual Generation" - a letter to the governing body

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  • jwleaks

    11 March 2017

    Dear governing body of jehovah's witnesses,

    Could you please introduce the phrase "spiritual generation" to replace the phrase "overlapping generation". It would save us all a lot of confusion.

    An online search of your publications dating back to 2000 showed that this term has never been used.


    Jesus was a spiritual man. Evidently when he spoke of "this generation" he was referring to a "spiritual generation".


  • waton

    The current last wt generation, the "overlapping anointed" will die before the end. but: Jesus said the last generation would not end. before all these things. so:

    A spiritual generation would not be the last, not ending, but go on into eternity.? so

    "Spiritual generation" would be a mis-nomer, could not possibly be synonymous with the current mal-defined "overlapping anointed generation" that ends before the end, at the beginning of the G.T.

  • jwleaks
    wanton - A spiritual generation would not be the last, not ending, but go on into eternity.

    Exactly. A "spiritual generation" would never end but go on into eternity. Problem solved for this generation of the governing, and the jehovah's witnesses, as well as the next generation of the governing body, and the jehovah's witnesses, the later generation being an overlapping of the previous generation as well as the next generation.

  • JRK

    They are polishing the turd.


  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    I was wondering if the word overlapping was a word available when Jesus said "this generation". I looked it up and, yes, it was a term used at least once in the Bible.

    Then a champion came out from the camps of the Phi·lis'tines; his name was Go·li'ath, from Gath, and his height was six cubits and a span. He had a helmet of copper on his head, and he was wearing a coat of mail of overlapping scales. 1 Samuel 17:4, 5 nwt
    Ah, if overlapping had not been a Bible term it would have been a perfect alibi for the current GB. "Hey, Jesus would have used the term but it wasn't available at the time."
    But, sadly for them, that's not to be. It's right there in 1 Samuel.
    Here's are two other tips, however, for the Faithful Slave, aka Governing Body.
    1. Insert the word overlapping into Jesus' expression in the latest NWT of your Bible. Thus, Jesus would actually be saying "this overlapping generation".I know, you'd probably lose a bunch of your present faithfuls for such a glaring, egregious, and dishonest modification of the Bible. But remember what you learned about glaring and egregious?
    Remember 1975?
    Remember Watchtower’s 53 Date Failures -- Prophetic Declarations Quietly Abandoned?
    Remember The 26 Prophetic Failures of Watchtower’s Most Heralded Date, 1914?
    Yes, you remember and we apostates remember -- but the present flock in general, with their short attention span coupled with your masterful spin? They don't remember.
    And the same thing would happen with that silly, egregious insertion of overlapping -- the flock would forget that too.
    2. Tell the flock that Jesus actually intended to use the term overlapping -- but he simply forgot. I know, that'd be a real hard spin but you've sold ludicrous things before. Go ahead, you'll never know unless you give them a try.
    You're welcome.Len
  • stuckinarut2

    I saw a sister post apicture on Instagram proudly showing "four generations" of family "in the truth" (grandparents, children, great grandchildren....)

    I was SO tempted to add a comment : "dont you mean ONE OVERLAPPING generation?"

  • waton

    Jesus made a contrast between the shortness of time left for Jerusalem, and the length of the one generation in existence then, the then current generation, that would out last the temple.

    that generation would be a composite spiritual congregation, of both anointed and others that survived the end. Any one who died before the end could not be part of "this generation". or?

  • poopie

    No such thing as overlapping generation it's on generation.

  • jwleaks
    poopie - No such thing as overlapping generation it's one generation.

    Correct, but the eschatology developed by the guardians of the doctrine within the Jehovah's Witnesses currently states there is an overlapping generation.

    Methinks that there could very well be a few members of the governing body, except for maybe Geoffrey Jackson, that could be willing to develop the opinion that a "spiritual generation" might be a more practical idea.

  • waton

    The talking snake in the beginning of the story had overlapping scales. it would be fitting then, that the story ends with an overlapping generation.

    WT has a history of coining names, The biblical "Israel of God" (Gal 6:16), resurfaced as "Spiritual Israel."

    We anti- Nazis hat a saying in the 30s, 40s, taken from the Nazi anthem : " -im geiste mit-" marching along [only] in spirit, in other words: non existent. so:

    go ahead, the imaginary, symbolic spiritual generation.

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