The JW Elder Who Started All the Insanity that was bound to eventually start. This Elder Loves Trouble!

by ReligionOfHatred 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    Sounds like Dologist rantings. Remember that guy going on about his Asperger Syndrome.

    Not saying it is same person. But i notice people leaving this site and months later new accounts are created with similar posting styles.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    😏I'm sure there are meds to take for this.

  • Kensei01

    How in blue blazes does some one with AS get appointed an elder in the first place? Not to be disrespectful to those living with the condition; but don't you think; at least on paper; compassion and empathy are a large part of the qualifications?

  • WingCommander

    I took an Asperger's test once, my results were nearly off the charts. As a child I was considered gifted, but the stifling environment of the JW's was like living in was so boring and monotonous. I work in the engineering field as a designer, though would have been an engineer or architect if not for my education being denied by this freakin' CULT. Like the Elder you describe, I get very emotional if I feel I've been wronged, can't let it go, will not back down from a fight no matter what! It's that sense of justice you speak's like I have to right wrongs, can't let things go, things have to be balanced. I also have a nearly photographic memory, can remember every movie I've ever seen. Hell, I can even SMELL some of my memories if I concentrate enough. Therefore, if someone did me wrong 20 years ago, when I think about it, it's like it just happened and I'm instantly pissed off as if it just happened, ready to kick the sh*t out of them if they were in front of me. As I get older, I tend not to want to be this way, but I can't help it and so I'd rather not be around people who trigger me or my emotions.

    I'm a loyal person, but once someone screws me over or does me wrong, F*ck 'em! I don't want them in my life. Shunning people who deserve it has never been a problem for me. (Case in point: My sociopath in-laws who are hateful and cruel)

    Asperger's is not a fun condition to live with. I'm socially awkward. I think logically right up until I feel hurt or crapped on, then I'm full tilt emotional mess until we fight it our or I kick you out of my life. (in which case I feel like, Good Riddance!!!!)

    Your Elder friend is messed up. The JW cult is MORE messed up. This is not a healthy combination. Trust me, I know.

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