The JW Elder Who Started All the Insanity that was bound to eventually start. This Elder Loves Trouble!

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  • ReligionOfHatred

    In order to understand what is happening you have to start from the beginning of our Saga. About Nine Years ago a Elder with Asperger's Syndrome found out my family member almost came to blows with our next door neighbor who is so successful, he probably makes $2 million a year net-income with all his businesses and investments. The co-owner of the property got angry because our neighbor did not like certain breeds of dogs, the fact was he was mauled by the breed Elder Bucket-head owned and Elder Bucket-head refused to fix the fence and so his dog would continually show up on my neighbors front door harassing his little dogs and growl.

    Elder Asperger's heard my Dad and his friend talking about Uncle Bucket-head's near blows even though they were whisphering at Book Study, his ears are good when it comes to seeking out sin and finding ways to bring brothers before the Elders. His mind is incredible with puzzles and games though their syndome does not allow them to understand emotion. I believe they have a common traits with sociopaths, the inability to experience emotion and reflect on the damage and pain their actions cause. They can't feel empathy or compassion, to them life is just a game and they get lost in their own world focused on what ever puzzles they are stuck on. He's not a wicked man, its his disease or syndrome that make's him think he can bring perfect justice to the imperfect organization of men doing stupid things. My dad at first ignored Elder Asb for months, said "I don't want to involve myself because I don't think it's worth it and all that's going to happen is you are going to get eaten alive by my brother in-law, he has 100x more value to the Organization than you, don't screw with him!

    Instead of heading my Dad's counsel, Elder Ass's could not stop thinking about this, this was his first chance to take down a newly appointed PO so he started to plan his attack the way he play's chess. My dad told him "This is not chess, these are people's lives and you are playing a dangerous game your going to lose at!" My dad told himm "It like you are going up against Fisher or Kasparov, you will lose in great defeat!" Elder Ass said "We must keep Jehovah's Organization clean and told my Dad how he took out several Pedophiles up North, he did good bringing out sex offenders and if all elders were like him, the Watchtower would have no legal bills. This elder does not tolerate wickedness and has a strange sense of wanting absolute justice in a sinful world.

    He's a good man basically though Asperger Syndrome (type of Autism mildly) make's your mind have racing thoughts, you can't break the cycle of trying to get things out of your head. That' why he can remember a chess game from 25 years ago 86 moves in to a game, his mind is photographic and analytical except does not think or feel what the emotional costs he's going to inflict will cost. Emotions are strange, there's a movie about a kid with Sandra Bullock about a boy whose dad died on 911, the boy has this disorder more intensely, Elder A level is not near the level this kid has.

    . He told Dad "You will go to Gehenna if you don't tell the Elder Body what was said, this dance of begging for our family to rat out Elder Bucket head went on for six months. Finally Elder Ass got everyone to put in writing what we saw and heard happen, this was the biggest mistake next to trusting that our family would follow the Law on the Partnership were involved in. Elder Ass got his ass handed to him by my Uncle, My Uncle kicked his ass in Judicial Meetings and soon fled the Congregation saying "You need to leave, there is nothing I can do, I badly miscalculated the power your Uncle had! I wish I listened to you when you said "My Uncle will steam-roll your ass, you have a reputation of starting trouble, My Uncle has a reputation of destroying Trolls who start trouble like you! He fled the Congregation and started up his shit in another Congregation and returned to the Congo his daughter attends and still is fixated on starting trouble because he has Asperger's Syndrome. This make's a person like him very focused, he's a Grand Master at Chess, very good with puzzles yet lacks any empathy, sympathy, or love because his brain is wired different from ours.

    After he destroyed any relationships my mother and grandmother had, he had the never to say "Better Luck Next Time! Jehovah will remove him eventually" 2007. I thought this elder was ok until he started to pick on my friend in his new Kingdom Hall, his brain unhappy he's not allowed to pursue becoming the best 55 year old at Chess can only focus on finding fault and making trouble, he might have made a decent detective if the Kingdom Hall Elders followed the Law of the Bible and Faithful Slave but that's not how things work. He said "I am now targeted by the Body, they want me gone, your Uncle hate's me now!" That's what he left our family with, a path of destruction!

    Currently we are in the midst of a nasty legal battle and my Aunt does not want our property appraised because there are encumbrances if brought to light would prove corruption and dishonesty, we have proof someone lied and it's not my dad. He did not know people would do things illegally when the partnership was created, he thought as Jehovah's People we are honest and everyone play's by the rules, that's so sadly untrue. T

  • Dissonant15
    This story is INSANE!! I can't wait for updates!
  • Oubliette

    ROH, you're obviously in a bad situation. We feel for you, but your posts are almost impossible to read. Every sentence is a nearly incoherent rambling rant.

    The way you write makes it too difficult to follow. Also, you are posting way to many details.

    What do you hope to accomplish by posting here? Do you want sympathy? Advice? Just a place to rant?

    Why don't you just leave this religion? Seek legal redress where possible and appropriate and just move on from the rest?

    By the way, in case you don't know: JW elders have no authority over you unless you let them!

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Agree with Oubliette. When I read posts that are very subjective, I feel the need to hear the other side. Your posts are charged with emotion and with what appears to be bias opinion. You have to work on being brief and sounding more objective.
  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri
    I think I get it. Something to do with chess.
  • Dissonant15
    I understood it, I am fluent in ADHD & manic dialects. But I agree with Obl, if you're outraged enough to post it on here, time to peace outta that org!
  • ReligionOfHatred
    Dissonant, I know there's no justice here, when idiots deny homosexuals a marriage license and expose spiritual people to more shame because of their hatred, I must ask what truly is my goal. The posters are right, I need to get out of the Borg and avoid these haters or its going to eat me alive. Don Henley after wrote "Heart of the Matter during a bitter divorce", we are trying to divorce ourselves from the Religion of Hatred, sorry to ramble, I wish there is justice! Thank you!
  • babygirl30

    Sounds like a crazy least what I could piece together. No offense, but it is written all over the place, in a sense.

    But from what I could gather, this brother with Aspergers IS a problem! Sadly, when it comes to that type of disorder, there isnt any reasoning with them. What gets in their head sticks in their head (like you said)...and they each have a particular 'subject' they become obsessed with. You mentioned chess and then of course his incessant tattling, that must be his obsession - judicial order. On one hand you gotta feel bad for him, but on the other hand, the lack of emotional feelings must make him like HELL to deal with.

  • Simon

    I have to say, you sound quite emotional so it's possible someone has done you some wrong but if that is the case you need to step back and heal. Right now you seem to be obsessing and wallowing in it and seeking revenge. That's great if you want revenge, not so great if you want to feel better and revenge doesn't do that.

    On the other hand, I'm afraid I have to say that some of what you write simply sounds invented. You talk about what other people are thinking and reasoning in their head. It makes you sound like you are somewhat paranoid and could be inventing things to make a narrative that isn't real. We can impute motive for actions that other's take but we can't say what they are thinking. That only happens in works of fiction when the author is trying to paint a picture.

    Either way, ranting about things on this site is not really going to help you and isn't what this site is for. By all means ask people's opinions and advice but don't use this site to defame anyone.

    If you are feeling persecuted by a group but are still turning up every week to attend the group meetings, I don't see how you think anyone can help you. First steps are to avoid the negative encounters (maybe stop going?) and I suggest getting professional help - both mental and legal.

  • DwainBowman

    I have known some wild card elders, but I think that one winds the Gold Star! I hope things work out right some day!


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