Need clarification from someone who speaks JW: What is an "apostate" ...or... an "apostate website?"

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  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    I realize that the WT organization uses the term "apostate" to scare people, and to keep JW's from discussing themselves with anyone outside the religion.

    I've never been a JW myself, but I appreciate that this word is a powerful trigger in the mind of those who are "IN the truth."

    I know better, than to quote or present printed material, from anyone who is outside their organization. I have never mentioned the internet to a JW, yet when I bring up a news story, such as those being reported about their policies regarding how they protect child abusers... I get the immediate response of, "Well, there are APOSTATE websites out there..."

    Do they mean... (just some of the articles published this summer)...







    If these news reports are all false, then why is the WT corporation not suing for defamation, or at least demanding that these lies be removed from the internet?

    Can anyone give me a good JW definition for "apostate?"

    Am I an apostate?

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    It changes so much. But from what my understanding is, a Apostate in JW world is a baptized JW that rejects any of the current teachings and then talks to others about it.

    JW will automatically claim any source as apostate unless it comes from their demi-gods the Governing Body of JW. This is especially true for any negative comment about their teachings or actions.

    If a witness was to have a conversation with a group of Elders, it is more than likely the Elders wouldn't even allow you to present any material from outside the Watch Tower for that conversation. I've seen this first hand and also on some secretly taped Judicial meetings.

    But from my understanding the term apostate basically means someone that rejects their faith. But in JW world it means a lot more. You are basically evil and at one time I remember it was taught you committed the unforgivable sin and their is no redemption for you. Not sure if that is the thinking/teaching now.

    They adjust their teachings all the time.

  • nicolaou
    Going out for dinner. Marking for a full on rant later 😈. We must stop enabling this cultic cringe when it comes to apostates and apostasy.
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Officially, Watchtower defines an apostate as a baptized JW who rejects bible teachings as taught by Jehovah's Witnesses. So a JW does not have to voluntarily leave the organization to be an apostate. He can be disfellowshipped for apostasy if adamantly disagrees with Watchtower teachings.

    Since JWs teach that a person must worship God as part of their organization to have God's favor, the word apostate also applies to any who disassociates from the organization - even without them being openly critical of its teachings or campaigning against it.

    That's the official position. Unofficially, however, most JWs use the word apostate to refer only to JWs who become critics of the organization and its teachings and actively campaign to influence JWs into leaving the organization. They also use the word apostate as an adjective to refer to information that is critical of their teachings and organization.

    The true dictionary definition of the word apostate means someone who has abandoned or rejected a religion or cause they once supported. When JWs start talking about apostates you can ask the JW what religion he was before he became a JW and why he left that religion. Then you tell the JW: "You're an apostate of [insert religion]! Why should I believe anything you have to say about them?"

  • Splash

    The official JW definition of an apostate is an ex JW who has turned against the WT.

    The definition that every single JW has in their own mind is someone who speaks against the WT, whether or not they were a JW in the past, and whether or not the information is true.

    Looking at your list of websites, your average JW would describe any anti-JW articles as apostate articles.
    This is the pre-programmed, knee jerk defence to any questioning of a WT teaching.

    By labeling something 'apostate' it becomes easy to ignore and discount it.
    By calling people 'disgruntled' it makes it easier to dismiss them and their complaints.

    Please realise that to a JW, only the GB have the truth, so anything else is wrong, and anything else that is dangerous is apostate.

    If you read this forum you will find examples where an old WT has been called apostate by loyal JW's, pretending it has somehow been altered.

    The Caleb videos were originally called apostate because some thought it was from a non-WT source.

    Even recorded assembly talks are called apostate if they include information that is no longer relevant and is being used to expose the WT's double speak.

    In a word, 'apostate' means 'I'm not listening because you have bad motives'.

    Yes, by being on this forum you are an apostate.

  • kairos

    I'm an apostate...

    In the land that JWs dwell, I have , overnight, for some of them become scarier than Satan. Why? You can SEE me. I EXIST and may pop out from behind any random bush, shopping cart or trash pile.

    Satan, eh?. He never shows up to anything.

    As for web sites. Anything that is not directly coming from the "approved channel of communication"® is likely from an apostate source. ( unless it's FB, Google, Yahoo, Angry Birds, personal e-mail, etc and you are able to have enough "self control" not to type "jehovah" in a search window or you sit in your living room when using your computer ).

    People in my town are going to SHIT when I engage them as if we are still friends.
    I'll say, "I'm what?"

    "You're no longer one of JWs"

    "I haven't been for years and you spoke with me until Sept 10th, though?"

    "I mean you're a DF'd apostate"...

    "I missed that announcement"...

    <hilarity ensues>

  • Vidiot

    These days, I think they're even inclined to (unofficially) label inactives as "potential apostates".

  • Vidiot

    Splash - "The Caleb videos were originally called apostate because some thought it was from a non-WT source."

    That was just about the funniest goddamned thing that happened that summer, too.


    When JWs were shown the leaked video, the vast majority completely freaked out, denouncing it as fake and made by opposers to try and "make JWs look bad"...

    ...then it premiered at the summer convention a month later, fully endorsed by the GB.


    They accuse "apostates" of telling lies about "God's Organization". but frankly, we don't have to.

  • LisaRose

    News sources such as the Washington post are not technically apostate, that is reserved for former JWs who speak out about the Watchtower in any negative way. But most JWs will react to anything negative said about the organization and believe they are lies propagated by apostates, even if it's a qualified news source.

    You are correct that the word apostate, (which is not even found in the bible btw), has a powerful negative connotation. An apostate is considered a bitter, angry person who Hayes Jehovah and Who wants to steal the faith of believing Jehovah's Wittnesses. They are considered the lowest of the low, pond scrum. It's cult mind control at work, most JWs will shut down if they believe you might be apostate and not consider anything you have to say. That's why it's hard to get a believing JW to believe anything negative that is said about the Watchtower.

    If I ever have a chance to talk to a JW again I would ask them why they are so afraid of what ex JWs have to say. If what they have is "The Truth", why are they so afraid to simply listen to an alternative point of view? Truth should stand up to scrutiny and in the age of the internet facts can be verified. A news source such as the Washington Post would not print something just on the word of an ex JW, they would make sure there was proof.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Faithful Witness: "Am I an apostate?"

    Of course you are. Anyone who pals around with apostates is one himself.

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