GB worship on JW Talk

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  • Lemonp
  • Billy ex Blaze
    Billy ex Blaze
    I just saw that post too. The whole thread makes me sick.
  • wifibandit
  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble
    I can only hope this is an apostate trying to stir things up...
  • paradisebeauty

    This organization states that one does not need Jesus as a mediator to be saved ( the official doctrine says Jesus is not the mediator between God and other sheep, but only between God and 144000), but you must belong to this org and obey Gov Body in order to be saved..... how screwed up is this ?????

  • freddo

    Sounds like at least a part of them is trying to convince themselves. They obviously care.

    The majority will just shrug and carry on. Some will get worried as they try to continue and become mentally stressed.

    A few, an increasing few, will join the dots with this, the royal commission, money grabbing and other red flags and wake up.

    Edited to add: Yes this looks to be possible sarcasm - (I paraphrase - "whatever the gb teach about the generation this year" and "simple and easy to understand like Jesus teachings" do seem unlikely phrases for the genuine believing jw's.) - I hope it is as it's fairly subtle.

  • steve2

    Sometimes effervescent praise is an attempt to prime up one's own faith in something. That poster disclosed having watched the Splane explanation of "this generation" several times and was "now more convinced". It seemed important for that poster to communicate to fellow believers having seen the video several times and being more convinced about the correctness of the explanation. Who would feel the need to not only watch it several times but tell others and then declare being more convinced? Hmmmmmmm.

    This sounds like a classic case, not of apostate subversion, but faith bolstering. It works for some people, although it does sound like hard work which, ironically, is hardly a demonstration of Biblically-defined faith.

  • username

    Steve2 you have a point. I too saw the poster having to repeatedly watching the September broadcast. Translated, his brain is telling him there is something seriously wrong but he is trying to block that by repeatedly watching. Eventually the brain will begin to rationalize it.

    Classic case of cognitive dissonance, also advising others to watch, watch, watch!

  • The UFO Cult
    The UFO Cult
    Indoctrinate confusing materials until all your doubts turn to distorted acceptance, this guy is a lunatic who is not really convinced, it really reads like hyperbole but that's my view. If I was to write something showing how stupid their explanation was, that's my style, how did you find me on JW Talk, are you following me?
  • Oubliette
    A friend of mine recently said (sarcastically), "You don't need to understand it, you only need to believe it!"

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