More Kindness, Less Judgment

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Just returned from uptown; mission was aborted because the sale item a friend sent me for doesn't go half price till 6:00 p.m. (pre-Black Friday). Sure as heck ain't going to brave the frenzied crowds on Friday!

    So, a little put out, I wandered the streets -- all the shops were closed -- and "shopped for windows." Some dude wheeling a cart yelled out to me. It was my nephew. He had a sad story to tell (one in which I was long involved). We were on a thoroughfare busy with street people.

    It was pretty enlightening to hear how they manage their state of homelessness/reduced opportunities. We had a great interchange, and I learned they were all cared for re: food -- some four local T'giving meals in the offing. They were all mostly upbeat. I'm old enough to be their grandpa, and, of course, I shared a bit of grandfatherly wisdom!

    I couldn't fix their problems, but we all acknowledged most of us are having a rough ride. Still, the weak are helping the weaker . . .

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