Update from Yizuman Part Three

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  • Yizuman

    Well folks, I am posting from the library since my phone got disconnected last week friday. So I may not be able to read any replies here when I leave the computer. My sis is picking me up sometime around 3:15 PM which is a few minutes or so.

    I came to the library today to meet a representative from the Voc Rehab for an orientation and got an appointment to see someone for new hearing aids on April 23rd at 11 AM at the Goodwill Building here in town.

    I also got a hold of an attorney who advised me to file a motion of continious or postponement until I am able to confer with a legal representative about my eviction case.

    So I have typed one up here at the Library and not sure if I got it all down right, my sis knows what the attorney needs for me to do so I will check and make sure that I got it right through here and make any corrections if she feels it needs any.

    The court date is supposed to be this Wednesday at 9 AM, so hopefully my motion is granted before then.

    Pretty much all I have to say.

    Wish me luck!


  • josephus

    hi zizuman

    as allways im hoping things work out for the best.



  • Kenneson


    My heart goes out to you. Hope everything gets better for you SOON.

  • ugg

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( yizuman )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • NewLight2

    Good Luck Yiz

  • bikerchic

    I wish you much luck Yiz.


  • NewLight2

    To all those who posted negative comments re: Yiz's internet access:

    1. Yiz no longer has a car to provide transportaion to look for employment

    2. Yiz no longer has a phone line to connect to the internet

    3. How is Yiz going to make contact with his sister to provide needed transportation to look for a job without emailing her?

    4. How is Yiz going to hear from employers regarding interviews since he no longer has email into his home?

    5. Well I guess that Yiz can just start walking every place he needs to go, even if it is 10 to 20 miles away from his home. Yeah Right.

    I hope all of you Naysayers are happy now that Yiz can no longer communicate with the outside world from his home.



  • ApagaLaLuz
  • Brummie

    Newlight why dont you just send this guy some money? THATS what he came and asked for, thats what he wants. How deep do your sympathies really go if you dont send him what he asks for? Or are you just a nay sayer too when it comes down to the nitty gritty.

    We all got plenty of sympathy to give, he dont need it.


  • NewLight2

    Brummie: "Newlight why dont you just send this guy some money?"

    I WOULD send him some money through the Salvation Army fund, but I have none to give. I have an elderly Mother and her sister, my aunt, who also need money. I cannot even afford to give them extra. As for my own finances - I am not able to make both ends meet, myself. I'm in sales and the winter months are the slowest time. It always picks up durng the spring and summer months. But THAT is my own business. I'm not asking for any help from the internet or this board.

    My purpose on this forum is GIVE - not get. Usually, I am able to help others through information that I know, not by giving money.


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