Why I DON'T Fear The Future - A Conversation With My JW Mum

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  • Divergent

    3 questions I hit my JW mum with:

    First question: Do you believe that God is love?

    Her answer: Yes, definitely!

    Second question: Do you believe that a God of love would punish someone for not doing something that they CANNOT do?

    Her answer: No, of course not!

    Third question: Do you think a God of love would choose to destroy me for not doing something I cannot do (be a JW) because I am not convinced RATHER than convince me beyond doubt?

    Her answer: You don't want to be convinced

    Me: There is NO SUCH THING as me not wanting to be convinced as I already prayed to God that he should convince me BEYOND DOUBT if he requires me to follow a certain religion. God knows EXACTLY what it takes to convince me, doesn't he? So I don't have anything to fear as it is entirely up to God now and if he chooses not to convince me, then he has no right to destroy me. He is a God of love anyway, so why would he choose to destroy me RATHER than convince me beyond doubt which was exactly what I asked him to do in the first place? ? ?

  • redpilltwice

    Good questions!

    You don't want to be convinced

    Ahh, classic FOG tactic.

    Rule #1: never blame the GB/Borganisation, for they are spirit directed by Jehovah. To blame them is to blame Jehovah.

    Rule # 2 Everything outside the Borg is misled and blinded by satan and therefore wrong in its reasoning, no matter the arguments.

    Other topics however show that there can be limits to the amount of suppression of a mother's love and natural instinct towards her children. I always find these experiences very encouraging because there's always hope that common sense will lead to TTATT. It's touching to see when nature proves to be stronger than man-made pharisaic rules.

  • Divergent

    She told me if this is how I feel then I should keep praying about it until I'm convinced

  • Onager

    Good line of argument Divergent!

    You don't have to refer to any outside (therefore apostate) material at all. The "Truth" as taught by JW.org is not convincing. End of. Divergent's argument follows and therefore you have nothing to fear from Armageddon.

    Boom! Sorted! :)

  • Vidiot
    Divergent - "She told me if this is how I feel then I should keep praying about it until I'm convinced."

    Um... how do you pray to be convinced of something that you're already un-convinced of?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    But what if God has convinced you that the WTS isn't the truth. By not following His direction, aren't you willingly sinning against Holy Spirit?

  • Alostpuppydog

    Dude exactly.

    This is what I said to my father: If I have changed my life around to conform to the organization and its requirements, then why is it that I then become so depressed and even suicidal? Even when I beg Jehovah to protect me because I am working in harmony with my prayers. Not only that, but I have serious disagreements with the organization while studying, and aren't we supposed to make the truth our own and keep testing to see if we are in the truth?

    His response: of course it makes perfect sense! Satan wants to mislead you away from the organization.

    Me: 😑

    We are in similar situations home slice and I don't know what it requires to put it through our parents' heads...

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    best not to pressurise jw mums too much..most of them cant think for themselves--why do you think they became jw's in the first place ?

  • stuckinarut2

    Great comments!

    I have done a similar thing when in conversation with witnesses.

    By saying a line like "I prayed for Jehovah's direction, and it was clear that he wanted me to wait and see how the Australian Royal Commission was handled by the society," it shuts down their ability to argue it!

    Because if they do argue it, they are trampling on the "guidance" I felt from God...

    It traps them in their thinking....

    You can apply that reasoning and line to any topic you like....

  • Heaven

    Divergent said: Her answer: You don't want to be convinced.

    "No Mom, I refuse to be bamboozled."

    Divergent, you did an excellent job with your statements.

    Several years ago I had a discussion with a couple of Christian Support Workers at my Dad's nursing home. At the end of our conversation one of them said "I will pray for you." as obviously, I wasn't a believer.

    I can honestly say, her prayers aren't working. To this day, I remain unconvinced in the existence of any Sky Daddy spirit-being.

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